Road to #SCGT2016 part 2

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Well another week has passed, and we are seven days closer to the South Coast Grand Tournament, so what have I achieved.

A lot more than I expected to be honest. I've managed to finish the Seeker part of my Seekers of Slaanesh, just the riders to build and paint for this unit(s)


I didn't think I would get the Seeker mounts anywhere near completion, so I'm over the moon that I have also found the time to build 20 Daemonnettes. I intend to build another command group, so that I can split my 60 Daemonnettes in to either three lots of 20, or two lots of 20 and two 10s.


On a non Age of Sigmar note, I attended the Dockside Destruction Guild Ball event in Bridgwater this weekend as was lucky enough to win best painted team for my Morticians.
To be honest as the awards were being announced I'd completely forgotten that there was an award for best team, so was busy texting my wife when my name was called.


Here's a picture of most of my team, Bonesaw was also present but this picture was taken pre season two.


I have big plans for my Morticians which I will get round to later in the year, keep your eyes peeled...




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