Road to #SCGT2016 Part 1

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The South Coast Grand Tournament is in six weeks time.

Wait What? six weeks! I haven't got time to blog, I've got things to do!

Well while I'm here, here is the first of my posts, detailing my road to SCGT

I've never done a big independent tournament before; I've done a lot of Blood Bowl ones, a few Guild Ball ones, but never a one on one Warhammer tournament. The only Warhammer one I've done is doubles at GW HQ with my mate Elliot, the two we did were both great fun, and we even managed to go unbeaten at the last ever one in Nottingham, coming fifth over all.
So its with great trepidation that we have both signed up for the SCGT.

WP_20151031_002 1
Slaaneshi Lawnmowers on their way to the SCGT

Why? Well I cant speak for Elliot, but I think the old Independent scene seemed a bit elitist to us very casual gamers, the armies, comp and tactics just looked too hardcore for two players who played WFB maybe once or twice a month, with what on paper were not very strong tournament forces.
Then along came Age of Sigmar, it divided the gaming community, and it divided our club, so much so that only the two of us have invested, the rest of the WFB players in the club, sticking with 8th edition, or trying out other games such as Kings of War.
We've both enjoyed the games of AoS we've had, starting with the vanilla rules, having a go at Clash Comp, and most recently the SCGT rules pack. And both being avid listeners to the Heelanhammer podcast, have been swept along on Dan and Wayne's enthusiasm, so much so that we were determined to travel to the SCGT and play alongside those others who are also enjoying the new vision of Warhammer.

My recent purchases

So, hows my preparation going? At the moment, on schedule, come back in a few weeks and my blog post may be one line as I have so much to do.
I've decided to go with Slaaneshi Daemons, mainly because I've always loved my Slaanesh, and also because they are the force on the most round bases (they were originally built for 40k)and that I've used most in my AoS games.

Seekers; they are now base coated!

I wont reveal my intended force just yet, just that I've recently brought in some reinforcements and the building and painting has begun. I've also made my six objective markers, which I'll paint between colours drying on everything else. I'm confident they will all be ready for the battlefield in good time.

Objective markers WiP

Meanwhile, every week at the club will be SCGT practice time. Last week we tried battle plan one, me using my Lizards and Elliot using his Ogres, both armies we wont be taking to the actual event. It was surprisingly hard for both forces to get to the other sides objectives, and even with the worst dice rolls known to man throughout the whole game, my Lizards held on until turn 5 before succumbing to the Ogres brute force.

Next club night, we'll try another scenario, but with less club nights left than battle plans, at least one will be untried.

Man we're going to be so under-prepared!

Come back next week for another post on my road to SCGT...

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