Road to #SCGT2016 part 3

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Under 30 days to go until the South Coat Grand Tournament and I'm painting and modelling like my life depends on it.

But first... This week myself and Elliot had another practice game prior to venturing to our first SCGT, this time it Battle Plan 3 - Garden of Life.

This week I used my tournament bound Slaaneshi Daemons against Elliot's Ogres, hopefully he'll have his Stormcast ready for this week.
We claimed four pieces of terrain each and had a neutral piece right in the middle


Once again I learnt that Ironguts are horrible, and even with the ability to attack twice in a combat, my Daemonnettes were battered, only managing to kill one Ogre in return.


Things got desperate as I charged my Keeper of Secrets into combat with the Ogre Tyrant, only for him to take 10 wounds in one round of fighting, killing him instantly.


I did though, manage a 5-4 victory as the aforementioned Ogre Ironguts failed to kill a single Daemonnette in two rounds of combat.


So post game I have continued to work on my tournament force, I have almost finished the riders for my Seekers of Slaanesh, and have found time to finish my first objective marker/obelisk




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