Road to #SCGT2016 part 4

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Has it been a week already? Time flies when you're painting for Slaanesh!

Its been a productive seven days, I have finished ten Seekers of Slaanesh, with the banners being the last things to be done.

WP_20160320_003 1

As well as actual units for the force, I have also completed my six objectives/obelisks.

WP_20160319_006 1

Wednesday also saw my SCGT force take to the table against Elliot's Stormcast. We played Battle Plan 4, Fire and Brimstone.


As Elliot had never played his Stormcast before it was a learning process for both of us, but in the end the game was over by turn 4 as I had an unassailable 9-7 lead.


This week we'll be trying scenario 2 - The Winds of Death


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2 thoughts on “Road to #SCGT2016 part 4

  1. Great blog posts. Really enjoyed the south coast gt ones and I’ll keep a look out for your army. When I saw the objectives on Twitter I thought they were on 25mm bases – I guess they are a bit bigger? Also good luck with the podcast fitness regime. I hope that is going well.

  2. Hi, thanks for the comment.
    The objectives are on 50mm bases, so are much bigger than you thought. Will be using them tonight so hopefully they’ll be some pictures to give you a sense of scale.
    I have taken some time off Podcast fitness after illness and bad weather, but will be back on it soon.

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