Road to #SCGT2016 part 5

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Posting this a bit later than usual, but you can blame Easter for this. I spent all day Sunday playing board and card games, including Firefly Fluxx, Love Letter, Camel Up and Waggle Dance.

But back to the matter in hand and its my South Coast GT prep, and I'm happy to say that all my painting is done! Yes, you read that right, my painting is finished.

WP_20160324_003 1

As well as finishing the last 23 Daemonettes, I also found time, thanks to a week off work, to build and paint a couple of realm gates, and an objective marker for the Celestial Compass scenario.


So that's the last of my painting done with just under two weeks to go. I still have two scenarios to try, and just happen to have two more club nights left to try them.

This week, myself and Elliot tried Battle Plan2, the Winds of Death.


I used my Slaaneshi Daemons, and chose to set up using the L shape deployment, leaving 20 Daemonnettes in reserve for summoning.


Elliot was using his Stormcast for only the second time, his painting is progressing well, and he should be dine in time for the SCGT


This scenario gave me a chance to use my objective markers for the first time, and also the chance to show how big they are.


My Seekers caused all kinds of issues for the Stormcast, with two units hindering them on the hillside


As the Stormcast advanced down their side of the battlefield, the Slaaneshi lawnmowers, Fiends and Daemon Prince got ready for the counter charge.


And once in combat there was no stopping the Daemons as the decimated another unit. The game was 2-0 to me with 2 turns left, but as it was getting late we called it as the best result the Stormcast get was a draw.

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