Shadespire Initial Look: part three

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It's day three of my review of Warhammer Underworlds Shadespire. Yesterday I looked at the Khorne Bloodbound, today its the turn of their enemies in this box, the Stormcast Eternals.

Much like their bloodthirsty counterparts these models come on a sprue and need clipping out before they can be pushed together. Again, please invest in some clippers to do this, don't try and snap them off, or freeing using your mother's toe nail clippers.

The three Stormcast come in kits of three to five pieces, and go together really well. I once again reached for my modelling knife in order to clean off the mould lines. The Stormcast appeared to have less mould lines to worry about, most of them hidden down the edges of the armour. The more prevalent mould lines were across the weapon heads, and along the shafts of the great hammers. These were very easy to remove.

The only complaint I have about these miniatures is that there are a lot more gaps once they are built. These mainly appear across the shoulder pads and are very obvious, again, this wont be much of an issue for those that are building miniatures for the first time and maybe not interested in painting, but for myself it is a bit annoying as these issues will need to be addressed with green stuff.

Building all of the miniatures was very straightforward, as like with the Bloodbound the instructions are very clear. The Stormcast shouldn't take you as long to build as there are only three of them compared to the five Khorne warriors so you hsould be playing in no time.

As you would expect from Games Workshop, some top quality figures, and I'm impressed with the way they have been created to appeal to the novice miniature builder, and also give the more experienced player some detailed miniatures that will feel right at home within their existing collection, just shame about some of the gaps in the Stormcast.

Now that everything is built its time for my first game, we'll see how that went tomorrow.

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