Shadespire Initial Look: part two

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Welcome to day two of my look at Warhammer Underworlds Shadespire. Yesterday I looked at the box and tokens, today I'll have a look at the Khorne Bloodbound warband.

Both warbands are described as push fit, making them really easy for non miniature gamers to put them together. Granted even a rookie miniature gamer will need something to cut these models off their sprues, I can see the kitchen scissors being used, or even a few bloody fingers when the someone goes for the carving knife.

As a seasoned miniature builder had my clippers ready and found it easy enough to remove these guys from their sprue. The plastic felt a little tougher than that used for your average Space Marine, but they came away from their temporary housing with ease, with each model consisting of 3-4 separate pieces.

The OCD modeller in me was soon reaching for my modelling knife to remove any mould lines that these miniatures had. Even though every effort has been made to hide any mould lines and joins in the way that model is constructed, the Bloodbound still had plenty of to clean off. There was nothing too tricky to remove, although the coloured plastic makes slightly more trickier than the traditional grey plastic, and soon enough I was able to push fit these models together.

The leaflet with the instructions on it is very clear in showing you how to put these models together, with most of them needing only one image to show you how to put together the miniature, and which base it belongs on.

I only had a problem with one of the Bloodbound's heads, which wouldn't seem to plug into it position, so had to drop a little plastic glue to keep it in place, apart from that everything else went together like a dream.

The Khorne Bloodbound are really nice models, and will go together easily for the novice and experienced modeller alike, although, if you don't have any, you may want to invest in some clippers, they'll come in useful for future warbands too you know.

Tomorrow, its the Stormcast Eternals turn.

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