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It's been a while since my last post, mainly as I haven't had much to show you all. I have almost finished painting the 40 Lesser Fimir I have been doing for what feels like forever, but showing you them with their tongues painted and then another picture with their teeth painted, wouldn't really be that exciting as the pictures would look almost the same.

I have though played two more games of Warhammer 40,000, so I though I'd share my thoughts on the games and show you some in game shots


The first game of 40k I played was 1500 points, but for my second, we upped it to 2000. I used my Dark Eldar again, and added two five man units of Scourges and a Voidraven Bomber to my previous army.


This game was against Crimson Fist Space Marines, aided by some Deathwatch and a Knight. I thought adding such a big piece to the game might ruin it, but I was wrong. Although the Knight had some bad dice rolls, it wasn't the over powered unit that I thought it might, and I even managed to get it down to 8 wounds before we ran out of time.


I'm loving the speed of the Dark Eldar, I managed to sweep right round the back of the Imperial forces, eventually dropping the Incubi out of the Venom's, who charged in to the Knight and some Scouts. The Incubi murdered the Scouts in one round of combat and the Incubi managed to put a lot of damage in to the Knight.


The Flyers were good fun to play with too. Although they are easier to hit with shooting than they were in the previous edition, but are a lot easier to play with, as there is less rules hunting mid game. Both my flyers caused a lot of damage, with the Razorwing eventually being destroyed.

For my third game, I got out my Tyranids. This was a 1500 point game, and in comparison to 7th edition I got a lot more on the board. Some of which I had painted since the new edition dropped. I am currently painting 16 Genestealers and a Brood Lord to get my force up to 2000 points (as well as adding a Toxicrene which is painted but not shown here)


I took on an Imperial Guard army with quite a lot of tanks, which was a little scary when setting up. Would the Tyranids be able to make into combat before being shot to pieces.


Below is my set up. I would have to run like the wind across the battlefield to be able to get those pesky Imperial troopers into combat and hopefully wipe them out.


Below is my first move. Everything ran as fast as it could, including the Hive Tyrant who flew into charge range of some Ogryns, and then successfully hit them in combat, killing three. With some better rolls I could have taken out a few more.

In their first turn the Imperial Guard fired their entire army at my Hive Tyrant, with the last shot by the Ratlings finally taking it out. At last the Tyranid big beasties were performing like you would expect them too. The same could be said for the Carnifexes who managed to take most of the Imperial fire power before finally being destroyed.


After a few failed charges, including the use of re rolls, I managed to get in to combat and tore the Guardsmen apart. Some clever use of charging troops and then consolidating into the tanks made sure that I limited the amount of firepower I would receive in the next turn; this is definitely a tactic that could really help close combat armies in the future.

So I've now played 3 games of the new 40k, and even though I haven't managed to win any of them, I have enjoyed every game. The rules make the game flow so much better than before, and after a turn or two, I have managed to reduce the amount of time I spend looking at unit rules. This week the Tyranids will be hitting the table again, against either Tau or Orks, and hopefully if I can get them built in time, the Genestealers will be on the table.

So until next time, where I will let you know how I got on, and maybe show you some finished Lesser Fimir too.

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