Armies in 2018

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Yesterday I looked at the events I will be and hope to be attending in 2018, today I'm going to look at the armies I hope to continue with and in some cases 'finish' Fimir Lets start with the big one. I've been working on these guys for longer than I can remember, and last […]

Events in 2018

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Happy New Year everyone. 2017 is over and done with and we're taking the first steps into all that 2018 has to offer. Last year I took part in a number of Age of Sigmar tournaments, including the South Coast GT, Bristol Smash and Blackout, having great fun at all of them. So what events […]

Lesser Fimir

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This week I finally finished the 40 Lesser Fimir that I started converting almost a year to the day. The actual miniatures have been finished for a while, but I hadn't yet tackled the bases. These took a bit of time to do as I experimented with how they looked, but once done I was […]