Events in 2018

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Happy New Year everyone. 2017 is over and done with and we're taking the first steps into all that 2018 has to offer. Last year I took part in a number of Age of Sigmar tournaments, including the South Coast GT, Bristol Smash and Blackout, having great fun at all of them. So what events […]

Lesser Fimir

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This week I finally finished the 40 Lesser Fimir that I started converting almost a year to the day. The actual miniatures have been finished for a while, but I hadn't yet tackled the bases. These took a bit of time to do as I experimented with how they looked, but once done I was […]

Blackout 2017

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This past weekend I attended Blackout ran by Chris Tomlin from The Black Sun podcast, held at Firestorm Games in Cardiff. This was the first UK tournament to use the General's Handbook 2017, which had come out a week previous. I have been using my Bonesplitterz in the last few tournaments I have attended, but […]

Bristol Smash

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This weekend I was at Bristol Smash, a 2000 point Age of Sigmar matched play tournament, held at Bristol Independent Gaming. Not having played any games of AoS since The South Cast GT, I had a couple of practive games the week before to get my eye in, but with Seraphon, and not with the […]


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One week ago, it was three weeks until the South Coast Grand Tournament and Gary Hennessey, from the Age of Sigbrah podcast, started the hashtag #3weekstillSCGT on Twitter to showcase his planning and progress as he fought to complete his army and scenery ready for the SCGT. At that time I had settled on my […]