Blood Bowl Finale

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Last Wednesday, after recording episode 2 of Binx’s Hobby Podcast myself and Elliot played the final of our club’s Blood Bowl league. We had finished third and fourth in the league, but both managed to beat the top two teams in the playoffs to reach an unlikely final. During the season my Nurgle had beaten […]

Blood Bowl Dwarfs

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For my final look at my Blood Bowl teams, I’m looking at my Dwarfs. I feel these are the best painted of my converted teams, sadly I only did eleven players as they were done for a tournament where injuries and deaths were reset after each game. I would love to add to this team, […]

Blood Bowl Goblins

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Today it’s the turn of the zany Goblins to take centre stage I love playing Goblins, but didn’t take them for our current league as most of the submitted teams were heavy hitters like the Orcs and Dwarfs, but with a ‘Stunty’ league on the horizon in 2018, these guys will be back on the […]

Blood Bowl Nurgle

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Yesterday I showed off my Human Blood Bowl teams, today it’s the turn of my Nurgle Team. Another team that I built and painted quite a few years ago, these were used at the last NAF tournament I attended, I can’t remember what year, but it was held at Nottingham Uni, the first year after […]

Bloodbowl Humans

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I am currently in the final few games of our club Blood Bowl league, and flip flopping between 2nd and 3rd place in the league, meaning I should make it into the post season play offs. I’ll probably avoid having to play the league winner, but no doubt will have a tough semi-final game. This […]