Back from another Tournament

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Last Sunday I attended my third Guild Ball tournament in Taunton, once again hosted by the guys from Trinity Wargamers club. This time called 'Rigor Mortis' aptly named because of its proximity to Hallowe'en For this 32 player event, I once again took my Morticians. My 8 player team consisted of Scalpel, Vileswarm, Veteran Graves, […]

A Week of Guild Ball painting

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I've been doing a lot of work with Green Stuff, Clay Shapers and Vaseline over the last few weeks, and have been doing some more today, so it was a nice change to do some painting for a change. After last week finishing Vileswarm, this weekend I completed Veteran Graves for my Morticians. Both Graves […]

Painting update

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Its been too long again, but then I haven't really had much of show off since last time. So here is some of the stuff I mentioned that I had painted in my last post, as well as something I did from start to finish today. Above you will see my newest Tyranid additions, and […]

Tournament Season

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Starting next Sunday, I'll be taking part in three Guild Ball tournaments in the space of 35 days! Madness I hear you cry (use the comments section please) Firstly on 31st January I'll be in Taunton for 'I shoot better after a beer', this will be the second 16 player tournament I have taken part […]

Podcast Fitness

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Last year, in an attempt to shift some unwanted pounds, I started going running a few times a week. Unfortunately, my knees didn't like this new direction in fitness and rebelled. The running stopped, the dream of getting fit again died. But now its back! After reading something Stephen Fry wrote about how he lost […]