Blood Bowl Finale

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Last Wednesday, after recording episode 2 of Binx’s Hobby Podcast myself and Elliot played the final of our club’s Blood Bowl league. We had finished third and fourth in the league, but both managed to beat the top two teams in the playoffs to reach an unlikely final. During the season my Nurgle had beaten […]

Blood Bowl Nurgle

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Yesterday I showed off my Human Blood Bowl teams, today it’s the turn of my Nurgle Team. Another team that I built and painted quite a few years ago, these were used at the last NAF tournament I attended, I can’t remember what year, but it was held at Nottingham Uni, the first year after […]

Partners in Chaos

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This Saturday I attended Partners in Chaos, an Age of Sigmar doubles event, hosted by Gary and Andy from the Age of Sigbrah podcast. I went with Elliot, my only AoS playing club mate, with the unusual combination of Nurgle and Stormcast. A meat shield and plenty of shooting, well that was the plan. We […]

Party for Papa Nurgle

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The sun was out this weekend, so in between enjoying the sun and painting more commission work, I managed to get a group shot of my Nurgle Daemons. The whole force actually hasn't taken that long to complete; half of it was painted for Warhammer 8th edition and was actually part of the Battle Brothers […]