Blood Bowl Nurgle

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Yesterday I showed off my Human Blood Bowl teams, today it’s the turn of my Nurgle Team. Another team that I built and painted quite a few years ago, these were used at the last NAF tournament I attended, I can’t remember what year, but it was held at Nottingham Uni, the first year after […]

Partners in Chaos

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This Saturday I attended Partners in Chaos, an Age of Sigmar doubles event, hosted by Gary and Andy from the Age of Sigbrah podcast. I went with Elliot, my only AoS playing club mate, with the unusual combination of Nurgle and Stormcast. A meat shield and plenty of shooting, well that was the plan. We […]

Party for Papa Nurgle

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The sun was out this weekend, so in between enjoying the sun and painting more commission work, I managed to get a group shot of my Nurgle Daemons. The whole force actually hasn't taken that long to complete; half of it was painted for Warhammer 8th edition and was actually part of the Battle Brothers […]