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It's been too long since I last posted on this blog, but to be honest there hasn't been to post. If you follow me on Twitter you may have seen the first 10 of my Lesser Fimir are finished (not including the bases) and I am currently working on the remaining 30...

This weekend I was at Tomorrow Burns, hosted by Chris Tomlin from The Black Sun podcast fame, a 54 player AoS event in sunny Weymouth, UK. After previously thinking about selling them, I decided to take my Bonesplitterz, using the list below:

Wurrgog Prophet (140)
Savage Big Boss (100)
Wardokk (80)
Maniak Weirdnob (100)
30 x Savage Orruks (300)
30 x Savage Orruks (300)
10 x Savage Boarboy Maniaks (320)
20 x Savage Orruk Arrowboys (200)
4 x Savage Big Stabbas (200)
4 x Savage Big Stabbas (200)
Kunnin' Rukk (60)
Total: 2000/2000 

Here is a quick overview of the weekends games, apologies for anything I have forgotten, and for the lack of pictures, I was just too 'in the game' most of the time to take snap shots.

Game 1: Gift from the Heavens
My first game was against one of the two armies during the weekend, that I had never previously played against; Sylvaneth, being commanded by @Jimbo9Jimbo, who was kind enough to give me a quick overview of what to expect from these pesky trees.

@Jimbo9jimbo took the first turn and covered the battlefield in woods, leaving barely any of the lovely mats visible (all the tables had mats on them which was really cool) and then had his Kurnoth hunters pop up in them and take aim at juicy target rich environment, and to our surprise, nothing died!

Once over the shock of taking no casualties, I went on the offensive, charging my Big Stabbas into the Hunters, taking some of them down in the process.


Having not experienced the fun of the Kunnin Ruck, before the Sylvaneth 'enjoyed' the mass rolling of shooting in the Hero and Shooting phases, as well as the damage output from the Big Stabbas.
Once the meteors landed, the game looked like it would come down to kill points, but a lack of concentration on my part saw the Spirit of Durthu jump within 6" of my meteor meaning that I had to kill him to keep the scoring level going into the last turn, however, a double 1 roll for Big Stabbas charge meant that I missed out on getting points that turn, although I did get revenge in the next turn when he was attacked by almost all of my army.
I did have chance in the last turn with my flying Maniaks to pull a draw out of the jaws of victory, but once again failed a small charge.

A great game, but a major loss was had.


Game 2: Three Places of Power
Second game and second army that I had never played before, a beautifully painted Moonclan force, commanded by Tim Fisher

I took the first turn, in order to try and claim as many of the objectives as I could and force Tim to take out my characters. This, as it turned out was a mistake, as I closed the gap between our armies, and with some bad run results, only managed to claim one of the objectives. In Tims turn, the speed of his units combined with the Destruction move saw both his Mangler Squigs and the Colossal Squig smash into my lines

Despite taking heavy casualties, I managed to reduce one Mangler down to 1 wound, and take some wounds off the other beasties. After 2 turns the scores were tied at 2-2, and things were looking a bit grim for the Bonesplitterz as although one Mangler had died, the other two squigs were having a great time.


As most of my force were taking a bit of a kicking, the Big Stabbas and the Arrowboyz were all at full strength and a double turn saw them turn the tide, with the Arrowboyz taking out most of the Moonclan heroes and the Big Stabbas looking after the Big Squigs.
As soon as the last Moonclan hero died and the Colossal Squig was no more, it was all over, as my characters were able to tot up the victory points. A major win for me.


Game 3: Blood and Glory
Game 3 was against Pano's Khorne Bloodbound, an army I had played a couple of times before, with mixed results.
This game was destined to only go one way, as my fighty Orruks, took on the more fightier Khorne. I held back, trying to do as much damage with my shooting as I could before the Khorne hit my lines, however, not a lot died and when they hit, the Khorne caused a lot of pain. I did try to get over his army and contest his now deserted objectives, but some disappointing casting attempts see it all fall apart and by turn 4 it was all over. A major loss for me, and at the end of day 1, I had one major win and 2 major losses.


Game 4: Escalation
Prior to the previous nights entertainment of en masse bowling (about 50 of us!) we found out who our opponents would be for game 4, and I had been drawn against my Tournament Wife Elliot.
We're the only ones who play Age of Sigmar at our club, so it was a shame to play someone I have played a lot already, but it was also good that we both knew that our first game on the Sunday would be a relaxed one.


This was pretty much an uphill struggle for the Stormcast from the outset as I managed to get 30 Bonesplitter Boyz on each of the end objectives, in the first turn, meaning that Elliot and his inferior numbers would have a hard time getting those objectives back.
I also covered the middle objectives with my Arrowboyz, who took out 4 Judicators in one round of shooting and then held the line for longer than they should. 6-0 up after 3 turns it was looking bleak for the Stormcast and although they managed to grab one of the end objectives eventually, it was all over, with most of them wiped from the tabletop. Major win to me.

Game 5: Border War... GHOUL PATROL
The final game of the weekend was against another local player, who I had played a couple of times, The Facehammer GT champ, Sam Davies. The last time we met we were using the same armies, but it was 1000 points. In that game, a double turn for me gave me the game. This time it would be a lot closer.


A first turn attack from Sam saw him land in front of my home objective with the intention of claiming all 9 points from the outset, but he was unable to claim a maximum, as my Arrowboyz just about survived the attacks. Next followed what can only be described as the worst dice rolling experience of any AoS game I have played.
The two units of boys, one on each flank, both rolled 1's for their run, allowing me to only claim one of them, a unit Big Stabbas did no damage in 3 rounds of fighting, and all of my battleshock rolls came up a 6, I thought it was all over.

In my turn 3, things started to turn around and I managed to get my Maniaks to fly over the battlefield and take off the 5 Judicators holding Sam's home objective, my Big Stabbas finally did their job taking off the Prosecuters, and the points started to tot up, but as I'd left my home objective to just my characters, so did Sam's.

With his last turn, Sam needed 6 points to draw the scenario, he couldn't take the objective in his home zone, or the one on my right flank, so had to concentrate on my left, which he already had in the bag, and my home one, which had a couple of characters and some Big Stabbas holding it.
When the dust settled it all came down to my last batteshock check, if I rolled a 5 or a 6 it would be a draw, but the dice came up a 4 and I had won it. An amazing game that went from all Sam to a big fightback from me and a last gasp attempt at a draw. Major win to me.

And that was that, it was all over. The awards were given out and Happy Birthday sung to Chris, and we then hit the road.
I finished with 3 major wins and 3 major losses, an overall position of 29th, which was a bit disappointing, but looking at the painting nominations and best sports votes, which I got neither of, I could see why I was where I was. On pure games, I finished 21st or tied 14th, which makes me feel a bit better. But now I know where I need to up my game, and hopefully the Fimir will help me achieve that.

I'll try and do more regular posts from now on, but there's only so many pictures of Work in Progress Fimir one man can post 🙂

See you soon!

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