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Its been another couple of weeks and I haven't done any more painting, but I have been busy; not only on the paint station but also on paper.

Over the last few weeks, the number of tournaments and events I will be and hope to be attending has gone up to six in the next 6 months. I'll quickly go through them, with some thoughts on the event and what I'll hope to take.

Next week I'll be in Taunton for 'Rigor Mortis' the Trinity Wargames club Guild Ball event. The last Guild Ball tournament I went to was hosted by these guys and was great fun. Although I only won 2 out of 3 games, I had a great time and managed to win two spot prizes, including 4 Brewers players; a team I will get round to doing eventually, probably in time for season three

I'll be once again be taking my Morticians, with my starting six locked in as Scalpel, Vileswarm, Veteran Graves, Ghast, Silence and Mist. I've had to very successful test games with this line up, how this will work out at the event, who knows. I'll let you know next blog.


After Guild Ball, I have to Age of Sigmar events before the end of the year. First is a 1000 point four game event in Bristol at B.I.G. For this I'm planning to take my Bonesplitterz. I've enjoyed playing with the Orruks and although I've not adopted the current list of choice with loads of arrow boyz (I only have 20) I have had reasonable success with this force.


In December, I'll be off to Age of Santa in Cardiff, this is a two day, five game event where I am intending to take my Slaaneshi Daemons. This list hasn't been out since last years South Coast GT, and since then with the introduction of the Generals Handbook has taken a hit in the points. The list I took to SCGT is nearly 2600 points, so has to be cut back. I've got a few test games lined up before the event, my first in a few days time against the Facehammer GT champion Sam Davies..


The new year brings with it three more tournaments/events, kicking off with the Age of Sigbrah 'Partners of Chaos' doubles event in Bournmouth. Forces for this are undecided, but the two 8th edition doubles tournaments I went to previously have been great fun, so this should be a good laugh.


March sees the Black Sun two day event in Weymouth. I went to Rain of Stars, the one day event a little while back and had great fun, so this should be double the fun. No idea what I'll take, but I doubt my new project will be done by then so it will be something I already have finished.


And finally we have the South Coast GT. This event was where my foray into the Independent tournament scene began last April, and it will be great to go for the second time knowing already what an amazing event I can expect. I have crossed everything I have to hope that my new army will be done, and that it will be allowed at the event.


I'll try my best to do a report from all these events as soon as I can, and lavish you will al the trophies I receive. Well maybe that might be a bit of a stretch but you never know!

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