Tournament Report: Blackout 2018 part one

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Welcome to part one of my look back at the Warhammer Age of Sigmar event; Blackout, which took place on the 4th and 5th of August 2018 at Firestorm Games in Cardiff. As ever, hosted by the wonderful Chris Tomlin of Black Sun fame, this event had 94 players from all over the UK hoping to be victorious.

After 22 months of hard graft on them I took my Fimir Mixed Destruction list shown below. Going in to the event I wasn’t expecting to win many, if any games, with this sub optimal and hardly played list.
Today I will look at the three games played on day one, and on Thursday I will go into game four and five from day two.

Allegiance: Destruction
Mortal Realm: Ghur
Orruk Weirdnob Shaman (120)
Fimirach Noble (140)
- General
- Trait: Ravager
- Artefact: Gryph-feather Charm
20 x Gitmob Grots (100)
- Spears & Shields
30 x Orruk Ardboys (450)
6 x Fimir Warriors (280)
6 x Fimir Warriors (280)
6 x Fimir Warriors (280)
Stonehorn Beastriders (320)

Total: 1970 / 2000
Extra Command Points: 0
Allies: 0 / 400
Wounds: 177

Game 1: Shifting Objectives vs Aaron Hazell – Stormcast Eternals 

In game one I had a change from my expected opponent. I had, pre-tournament, arranged a grudge with Tom Hewitt of Battleroll fame, and the guy who produced my blog and podcast logo. Sadly he had to pull out of the event at the last minute, so I was paired up with Aaron who I know from the Bristol scene. Funnily enough I had seen a picture of his army a few days before and commented on how small it was.

I won’t be able to remember exactly what was in his army, but hopefully you can work it out from the deployment picture below. You’ll also see the stuff he had in reserve, and the three endless spells he was hoping to unleash on me.

I got the choice for first turn, which to my amazement, even with eight drops, I got every game, and took it. We determined which was the primary objective, which was the one on the side with my Stonebeetle. This would be worth 3 victory points this turn, with the other 2 being worth 1 each. I ran my army forward as fast as their little legs would take them, managing to grab all three objectives and getting the maximum 5 victory points

In Aaron’s turn he concentrated on taking off my Stonebeetle with all his firepower, needing to get it off the objective before it caused some serious harm to his relatively small army. With all the shots his army were able to bring he managed to get it down to a single wound. He needed it to stay alive in order for him to charge and then claim the objective, killing it would have left him several inches short. In the combat phase the Beetle was inevitably killed and the Stormcast claimed their 3 victory points.

For the next two turns the primary objective didn’t move and was swamped by my 30 Ardboyz and 6 Fimir, who took control of it. Slowly reducing down the Stormcast numbers. Aaron had to gamble and took the chance his swift movement allowed him and chose to clear off the other objectives so that if the primary objective changed he would be able to rack up the points. There was no way he would be able to clear the Fimir off the objective they were on, so this was a good tactic to give him that slim chance of winning.

As it turned out the primary objective did switch flanks and the Stormcast were able grab it and claim their 3 victory points, however, some quick maths going in to the final stages of the battle found that in order to win, Aaron had to claim all three objectives and stop me from claiming any points. This didn’t happen as I still had great numbers covering the minor objectives and the game ended in a Major Victory for the Fimir. A great start to the weekend.

So a great first game was in the bag, and I had managed to get a win, which was more than I was expecting at the start of the weekend. The Stonebeetle had done nothing, but the rest of my army had held up pretty well to the shooting and endless spells of the Stormcast. We set up our armies for Chris to look at and award tournament points for and headed for lunch.

Game 2: Place of Arcane power vs Adam Mumford – Nurgle

My second game was against the puss ridden abominations of the forces of Nurgle in a scenario I knew I would struggle in if it came up. The three objectives in this game could only be captured by Wizards and Heroes with artefacts, of which I only had two.
Again I won’t be able to remember what was in Adam’s force, but the deployment picture below will give you a pretty good idea. In turn one I rushed forward, managing to grab one of the objectives with my Fimirach Noble in the middle of the battlefield. Even though the Great Unclean One was right across the board from him, the gap in the houses around the objective meant that my Warlord was safe from being charged by him. I failed my Destruction roll, even though it was a 3+ on my Noble, so my Stonebeetle held back rather than running head first into the Nurgle ranks. I took my single victory point and waited for the Nurgle to come to play.

Since the release of the Nurgle Battletome, they have gained the potential to be incredibly fast and because of that most of our armies were in combat straight away. Only my left flank, and my Shamen were safe from conflict, although the Nurgle hero did manage to grab the objective.

The first round of fighting was slow and methodical, with the Nurgle struggling to do any damage and Fimir finding it tough to get through the disgustingly resilient rolls of the Nurgle. Adam picked up his single victory point and we moved to the priority roll for turn two, which would turn out to be the thing that essentially decided the game.

Nurgle won the roll for the second turn and were able envelop the Ard boyz with two units of 30 Plaguebearers. This would be a combat that would last for the rest of the game, and stop my Shamen from reaching the objective. In the middle my Fimirach Noble continued to hold the objective, whereas the Nurgle sorcerer finally made his way on to the other, scoring the Nurgle 3 valuable points, where I managed to get 2.

The highlight of my turn was being able to cast Foot of Gork and then taking off the Nurgle Poxbringer who had been holding my left hand objective. This would slow down the victory points for the Nurgle, but would turn out not to be enough.

The rest of the game turned in to a bit of a slog, and the game was over when the Great Unclean one managed to use one of the realm spells to shift my Noble of his objective and stop the slow drip of points I was getting.

I had lost my second game, and although it was a good five turns, it was essentially over after losing the turn two priority. If I had won this I would have been able to take my left hand objective and hopefully held it for the rest of the game. The lack of large amounts of damage in my army, apart from the Stonebeetle, made it hard for me to break through the big blocks of Plaguebearers, which were my nemesis in this game.

So one win and one loss after two battles, it was now time to move on to game three, the final game of day one.


Game 3: Scorched Earth vs Alistair King – Skaven 

The final game of the day was against Skaven, and my fear of massive units came to haunt me. Alistair had four units of 30 rats that I knew I would struggle to chew through.

With his huge amount of drops I again got to go first, and sent my Stonebeetle charging in to the centre of his line of rats, managing to kill all but two of one of the clan rat units before being engulfed by rats and killed himself. I was always going to be a struggle to get anywhere near any of the Skaven objectives and my only hope in this game was to sit tight on mine and hope for a gap in the rats ranks that I could sneak through and grab a cheeky few victory points. Spoiler alert but this would never happen.

My Lesser Fimir spent all of the game battling the Warbringer Verminlord slowly reducing his wounds, until in the last turn of the game my Shamen managed a cheeky Arcane Bolt to kill him off. My left flank eventually got over whelmed and at the same time my right flank cracked and Alistair was able to burn two of my objectives with me getting nowhere near any of his.

There wasn’t a great deal to report from this game, other than it really showed off the lack of large damage that my force can do, but did highlight that it does have the ability to stick around for a lot longer than I had expected it to.

Day one was over and I had one win and two losses. I wasn’t too disappointed, I had my win, had lost a game on a turn two priority that had I won, I could have got a victory in and lost a game that I don’t think I ever had a chance of winning from the outset. Hopefully I would be able to get a second victory on day two.

Come back on Thursday where I will look at games four and five and report back on the event in general.

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