Tournament Report: Blackout 2018 part two

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Welcome to part two of my look back at the Warhammer Age of Sigmar event; Blackout, which took place on the 4th and 5th of August 2018 at Firestorm Games in Cardiff. You can read about the first three games played on day one HERE, today it’s all about day two and games four and five. 

Game 4: Total Commitment vs Angus Brain– Beastmen 

I had seen the draw for round four the night before and Angus’s army was listed as Chaos, so I didn’t really have an idea what I would be facing. Turn out it was a really cool looking Beastman army, with a couple of big fellas and a big compliment of Minotaurs.

As the objectives for the scenario were on the flanks, I split my force in to two with the Beastmen spread across the board. I once again would be going first and looked forward to another first turn Stonebeetle charge. To block this two units of Ungor did their best to screen my opponents army to stop this from happening.

With two successful Destruction rolls I managed to not only get a unit of Fimir up the board swiftly, but also give my Stonebeetle a 6” boost in order for it to circumnavigate the Ungor screen.
In my hero phase I also managed to cast Foot of Gork, wiping out one of the Ungor shields, and then in the movement phase my Stonebeetle set up for the charge and the other advancing Fimir unit eyed up some Gors. Combat was brutal with both charged units being wiped out, allowing me to get a cheeky first turn five points claiming my objectives and one of the Angus’s too.

In the Beastman first turn I saw how brutal the Minotaurs could be, as they smashed apart my Fimir unit, whilst on the right flank, my Stonehorn continued to take everything that was thrown at it, as the rest of the Gors ran and charged in to my lines.

I continued to hold the right side of the battlefield throughout the game as Beastmen charged in and were battered down by the Fimirach Noble, Fimir and Stonebeetle. Not even the Shackles endless spell could stop them from getting where they needed to be.

On my left flank there was untold danger as the Minotaur lord, Minotaurs, and the two big monsters ran head long in to my Lesser Fimir. The damage three weapons caused carnage, however standing next to Mystical terrain and being able to roll an amazing amount of sixes meant that I didn’t lose as many Lesser Fimir as expected. Even after being smashed apart, I was able to stop the Beastmen from claiming my objective as I had more models and was able to use a cheeky command point to automatically pass the battleshock that would have inevitably taken off loads of Lesser Fimir.

In my next turn I backed the Lesser Fimir out of combat, again to maintain control of the objective, however, they and the Shamen, would be wiped out next turn, giving the Beastmen the 3 victory points they had deserved a turn earlier. Having delayed the inevitable, I was now too far ahead in the points race, and apart from the Stonebeetle, I backed my force away from the encroaching Chaos forces, so not to allow them a last turn charge.

As a last hurrah I charged the Stonebeetle in to the Minotaurs, killing a couple, and making the rest run away due to battleshock. The beetle died, but it had taken on about half the Beastman army on its own, so it was due a rest.

This game was the most fun of the weekend and Angus got my best sports vote, as even while his army was falling apart, and every important roll didn’t work out for him he was a good laugh throughout. A second win of the weekend for me, could I make it an unbelievable three in the final game?


Game 5: Border War vs Martin Neal – Nighthaunt 

Final game of the weekend was against Martin’s Nighthaunt list in a classic scenario Border War. Nighthaunt are a new force, so I wasn’t really aware of that they can do, but after a quick run down by Martin, on paper it looked like it could be a close game.

As ever I go the first turn and grabbed the usual 5 points at the end of the first turn. My Stonebeetle ran off on its own again, smashed some face and then got ripped to shreds. I forgot to use my re-roll saves triumph on him, and losing exactly the amount of wounds he had left meant that he would have probably survived, but as I used the ability later in the game on my Lesser Fimir to great effect, who knows if it was the right or wrong decision.

With a manipulation of the Chromatic Cogs, a large amount of Nighthaunt appeared from the underworld and charged in to my lines, with what would then turn in to a group of long and protracted fights taking place on and around both our ‘home’ objectives. My mortal wound saves were very important with the amount of Mortal Wounds being handed out by the ghosts, which helped me hang around longer than I would have expected my army to, and as the game went on, so the points kept totting up on both sides.

Then came the big turning point of the game. Martin’s Grimghast Reapers appeared behind my lines, threatening to take out my Fimirlings, and take control of my home objective, giving the valuable 4 victory points. Not only did they turn up, but with a 10 rolled for the charge, go to strike on the charge and then again in the combat phase, the Fimirlings didn’t stand a chance.

At this point it looked like it was all over but then my Shamen and his Foot of Gork went berserk.

With the buffs from the Lesser Fimir, my first attempt to cast it was a 13, and the mortal wounds rained down on the Reapers, taking out 10 of them. Getting the double turn meant that I got to do it again, and reduced the unit down from 20 to 2 in very short order. My home objective was safe for now and with the fourth turn ending, we were level on points.

Going in to the fifth turn, I was running out of army, and with my home objective inevitable lost, I needed to score as many points as I could in my final turn and hope that the Nighthaunts failed to beat what I scored.

Firstly my Shamen with his Foot of Gork, killed the Myrmourn Banshees and then moved on to the enemy General. If I could kill him, I would have a very good chance of winning my third game. Unfortunately I left him with 2 wounds, and my chances of victory further slipped from my hands and the Lesser Fimir fluffed their attacks and couldn’t claim Martin’s objective. It was all over and a Nighthaunt win.

What looked like it was going to be a one sided affair quickly changed to a really tight finish with thanks to Foot of Gork, it goes to show, that even if you are on the back foot, if you keep playing the scenario, you’ll always have a chance


So the gaming from the weekend was over and I had won two games convincingly lost two and had a really close loss in my final game. Once again after a great tournament I was left thinking of the what ifs, and what would have happened if I had won that crucial turn roll in game two.

I was very pleased that the Fimir got nominated for best army, and was placed on display alongside some stunning collections. I never thought I would win, but was very happy to receive the Pro Painted Podcast award for best conversion for my Stonebeetle, which my dog Bucky seemed to approve of.

The weekend as a whole was great, five really good games, and great to meet up with some familiar faces and also to see some new ones. Once again I have continued the tradition of playing five brand new people at a tournament. In all the events I have been to, I have only ever played two people twice, which is a bit crazy!

Firestorm Games, as ever, was a great venue, even if it was like a furnace at times as the weather outside was exceptional. Many thanks to Chris Tomlin for another great event, run so smoothly, as far as I know there were no issues and I look forward to his next tournament.

In the end I finished 53rd which is around half way, which I’m more than happy with. Amazingly a win on the last game would have catapulted my up 30 places higher!

Thank you for reading, if you would like to hear more, we will be covering the event in the next podcast where Elliot will also cover his games.

Now time for a rest and to look to painting the next army!

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