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Starting next Sunday, I'll be taking part in three Guild Ball tournaments in the space of 35 days!
Madness I hear you cry (use the comments section please)


Firstly on 31st January I'll be in Taunton for 'I shoot better after a beer', this will be the second 16 player tournament I have taken part in, the first being Clash of Guilds a few months ago where I came 6th. I found the CoG event really good fun, it was the first proper tournament for a lot of us, and some new friends were made. At 'ISBAAB', new friends will be seen again and rivalries will be rekindled. I'm looking forward to it, especially as I had to pull out of the 'Festive Balls' event after round two with illness.


My next event is 'B-I-G Balls' on 13th February in Bristol, which there are still tickets available.
A nice local event for me, and another one for 16 players. This size of event is really good, as you get four games in one day which feels just about right. The day doesn't feel too long, you don't have to get up too early and it doesn't finish too late. The Goldilocks of events you could say!


Finally in my crazy five week tournament spree, I'll heading back down the M5 to Bridgwater for 'Dockside Destruction' Another 16 player event, and another that still has tickets available.

Hopefully after my Guikd Ball-a-thon I'll improve my place in the Guild Ball Rankings moving up from my amazing 134th. I cant go down surely... can I?


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