Tyranid Attack

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Back in October 2014 I picked up  couple of Tyranid Carnifexes from Hobbycraft who were having a 33% sale on most of their Games Workshop stock before they stopped selling it.

I have a large Epic Tyranid Army, and have considered a 40k one for some time, and this was the deal that started this off.
I wanted to do  just big guys, with Tyranid Warriors as my only troop choice. Luckily GW had recently released the Battle for Macragge boxed set, and with help from Bits and Kits and their often 50% discount I managed to pick up 18 Warriors and a third Carnifex for a reasonable amount.

WP_20160507_013 1I armed all of my Tyranids with just close combat weapons as I envisioned them using psychic powers to 'shoot' and paralyse the enemy before they were sliced to pieces in combat.
In fact a Dark Angel force seems to have been destroyed by this kind of attack as a collection of their vehicles and body parts cover my Tyranid's snowy bases.

WP_20160507_014 1

My next purchase was six Zoanthropes, two of which I upgraded to a Neurothrope, these would give most of my psychic attacks, that is until I get round to getting a Maleceptor.

WP_20160507_015 1

Although I don't see my Tyranids shooting anyone, I do like the idea of spores floating around the battlefield and blowing up when the enemy gets too close. So I picked up some cheap spore mines, and will look to add some more, and who knows maybe some artillery to fire them.

WP_20160507_016 1

My final edition to my army is the Hive Tyrant. I magnetised this so that it could be fielded on foot or with wings. I've never been a fan of painting leathery wings, and this case is no different, so maybe my Hive Tyrant will walk everywhere.

WP_20160507_017 1


So there you go, just under 2000 points of Tyranids, which will come in useful for our club's upcoming 40k campaign, hopefully they wont suffer from new army syndrome too much.


I'll be looking to add to this army in the future, with a Maleceptor and probably some spore mine firing artillery. I wont be looking to add any flyers though, I just dot like painting no feathery wings.


Next project? Finishing my Savage Orc bases, and some Frostgrave.

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