Tyranid Attack

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Last week I finally 'finished' my 2000 points of Tyranids. Of course everyone knows that an army is never truly finished, and in fact I do have some other painted bits that aren't shown in this post, which when the new Tyranid Codex eventually gets released, I expect I will end up adding things to this force. That is as long as my single pot of Solar Macharius Orange paint still hasn't dried up.

So lets go through what is in my army:


First up are two units of four Zoanthropes. I originally only had two units of three, but once the new Index books came out and I saw that having four in a unit gave them a decent boost to their ability to Smite, I immediately bought another box to bulk up both units.  On the Battlefield, these have done pretty well, with the amount of big bugs I have in this army, they tend to get forgotten about, but with the ability to consistently pump out 2D3 mortal wounds per unit in the Psychic phase, and a 3+ invulnerable save, they have their place in this force.

Next up are my three Carnifexes. In fact my whole army began with a Carnifex, which I found at a really discounted price in Hobby Craft, when they were clearing out their Warhammer Stock. I managed to pick up two of these for less that the cost of a single one.
You may not be able to see from the picture, but one of the Carnifexes is actually painted to a much higher level than the rest; this is because I had originally intended to paint this whole army up to a really high level, but as usual when it comes to painting armies, that soon fell by the wayside and the rest of the army was painted to a decent tabletop standard. No where near the best of my ability, but good enough to put on the board.


Ah, now the Mawloc. Such a nice kit, but such as arse to put together without spikes digging into you at several points of the construction.
In the previous version of 40k, the Mawloc was a crazy, with the ability to pop up anywhere on the battlefield and nine times out of ten, wipe an entire ten man Space Marine squad off the board. Those times have now sadly gone, and thinking about it, probably for the best.


The Mawloc is now no where near as powerful as it was, but it still has the ability to chip some mortal wounds of units when it arrives, and although not amazing in combat, it does stick around for a long time.


The Hive Tyrant is the first of the creatures in my army that is magnetised. I didn't take a picture of his alternate pose, but with the magic of magnetism you can remove his wings and replace them with scything talons, and also break him in half at the waist, so he could be used on foot.


Like everything in my Tyranid army, the Hive Tyrant has no missile weapons. I decided early on when making this force, that in my head, this Hive Fleet would fight solely with close combat and psychic attacks. Maybe they mainly fight on subterranean worlds where ranged weapons are not so practical, and prefer to charge down the tunnels slicing their foes to pieces as they go.
That said, I do have some spore mines floating about (pun intended) so could branch out to some floating bombs, and maybe if they become financially cheaper, some Biovores to propel them across the battlefield.


Next up is the Toxicrene, which is the second of my kits that is magnetised. This can also be turned into a Maleceptor, by switching the head, and also swapping out the tendrils for scything talons. I haven't yet used the Maleceptor in a game as I prefer the rules for the Toxicrene, and that the Maleceptor is more expensive in points so doesn't fit in my 2k list.


The newest hero model to join my army is the Broodlord. When the new index books for 8th edition Warhammer 40,000 came out I added up the points of my existing Tyranid force, and found that by adding a Broodlord and 16 Genestealers, I would get to the magic 2000 points, so that's what I did.

The Broodlord kit has him standing on a bit of Tyranid terrain, but to match this guy into the rest of my army I changed this so he is standing on a dead Terminator. Originally I was hunting my bits box for a spare Space Marine bike, but found this, which can be found on the Mawloc Kit.


Another relatively new model for my Tyranids, is the Tyranid Prime. He was added just before 8th edition hit, as from the rumours and sneak peeks released by Games Workshop it looked like I would need at least a second hero model for my army.

With all the spare pieces I have lying around, I managed to build this guy by only purchasing a tail section off an internet bits site. He now runs around supporting my Tyranid Warriors giving them the bonus to hit.10

Next up is the backbone of my army, the three units of six Tyranid Warriors all armed with Lash Whips and Boneswords. I built these back in seventh edition, and gave them these weapons, as they were really really good. Lash Whips and Boneswords aren't quite as good in the new edition, but do allow units to fight after they die, which is a great bonus, which I haven't actually been able to take advantage of yet.


As you may have noticed, all of my Tyranids are based so they are standing on destroyed space marine vehicles (except the Broodlord of course) Lucky for me I have an extensive bits box of random Space Marine bits, left over from commissions for friends, or old armies of my own.


I chose to paint these Dark Green, as I had seen a great article in an old White Dwarf about painting Dark Angel armour, and found the technique easy to do and it gave a great contrast to the snow and the orange and blue of the Tyranids themselves. This armour was originally supposed to be from Dark Angel Space Marines, but as I wanted the dead Terminator on the Broodlord's base to also be dark green and not the bone colour of a Deathwing Terminator, these wrecks are now from some generic dark green chapter of your choosing.


And finally we come to the last unit to be added to the Tyranids, the Genestealers. You can tell these are an older kit as they were a nightmare to clean up and build. After a bit of questioning the Twittersphere, I decided to base these guys on 32mm bases, rather than the 25mm they come with. Apparently Genestealer Cult ones come on 32's, so that was that decision made.


I wasn't sure how much orange to do on these guys, but to keep them matching the rest of the army, I only did their heads and backs. This does make them a bit darker than the rest of the army, but as they should be sneaking around the flanks of my enemies, preparing to strike from the shadows, this fits in nicely with their background.


Well there you go, that's my current Tyranid force, like I said there are some other little bits and swaps for this army, but this is my 2000 points. I have played on game with them as a whole army, against the T'au. All those guns do hurt, but once they get in to close range, they can do a lot of damage.

I look forward to playing with them a lot more, and they are on the top of my current list of armies to take to Heat Three of the Warhammer 40,000 Grand Tournament in February.

Currently I am finishing off the bases for my Lesser Fimir, so hopefully next time I'll be able to blog about them. And then in a few week I'll be off to Blackout, an AoS tournament in Cardiff, I still don't know what I'll be taking, as that all depends on what the Generals Handbook 2017 delivers when it arrives next weekend.

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  1. Really nice looking army! I love to read about other people’s hobby progress and to share them myself. I hope i’ll get to the 2000 points goal too 🙂

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