The Ultramarines circa 2001

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Whilst sorting out my new man cave, I found a load of old photographs, and some them were a bunch of pictures I took during a visit to Warhammer World on 2001 or whatever it was called back then.

This week I’ll be looking at these photos and sharing with you some of the dioramas and artifacts that were on display all those years ago.
Excuse the quality of the pictures, they are scans of photos taken over 15 years ago with a rubbish camera.

Today it’s the full Ultramarines Chapter.

I believe this may have been originally done for Games Day and then went on display in Nottingham. If I remember correctly, each retail store was tasked with painting a squad or two with their transports, and then these were all brought together to create this impressive collection.

This picture shows off most of the Ultramarines Chapter, with all their old school Rhinos. On the right you can see the Whirlwinds with their fiddly metal rocket launchers and in the distance a load of old style Landraiders. Come to think of it, all of these vehicles could be re-purposed for games of Horus Heresy, but they are probably in the bin.

This image shows a collection of higher ranking Ultramarines, including, if you squint, Marneus Calgar. You’ve also got all the company banner bearers and some Techmarines too. At the very back is the Ultramarine chapter banner and on the right, I think are Veterans.

This final picture shows two Thunderhawks, which I presume are the old metal ones that weighed a tonne! Below them are a load of Servitors with their Thudd Guns and Rapier Destroyers, Dreadnoughts and what looks like three Razorbacks.

If you have been through the latest incarnation of Warhammer World, and if you haven't, go there as soon as you can, you will have seen all the displays behind Perspex/glass barriers. What you may be surprised to learn is that there were no such things for this (and the other displays I’ll be showing off this week). Open to the elements, quickly gathering dust and free for thieving hand to get to, there was a lot of trust back in the early 2000’s

When I first saw this display it blew my mind and its still impressive today. I wonder if there are any plans to recreate this in the near future. With all the new stuff available to the Space Marines, it would be a sight to behold for sure.

Check back tomorrow when I’ll be looking at some of the impressive artifacts that were on display all those years ago

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