Warhammer 40,000: Daemons of Slaanesh part 1

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This week on the blog I will be looking at the new Chaos Daemons codex for Warhammer 40,000

I have Slaanesh and Nurgle Daemon armies, therefore, will be able to use both of these armies in both 40k and AoS. Over the next four days I will be looking at my Daemon collections and how I will be using them in 40k as well as looking at some of the new rules, traits and stratagems I will be utilising on the battlefield.

Today it’s the turn of my Slaaneshi Daemons.

I have been using Slaaneshi Daemons in Age of Sigmar for quite a while and they will be coming with me to the Age of Sigmar GT in April. In Warhammer 40,000 I have predominantly played Emperor’s Children, with a smattering of Daemons included in the force. With their own dedicated Codex, I’ll be able to field a pure Slaaneshi Daemon force once again.

The only miniature from my AoS force that isn’t in the new Codex is the Herald on Chariot, so that is immediately out of the picture for my 40k force. Other than that everything else can make its way across to the far future. I’ve knocked up a quick 2000 point list and have also had to drop The Masque and the Daemon Prince. There is a high chance that the Daemon Prince will make his way into the army if something doesn’t perform as well as I hope.

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Army wide rules

All of the units in my army have Quicksilver Swiftness which means they will always be going first in combat. This is amazing as they are no push overs in the fight phase. Being able to whittle down the enemy before they get a chance to smash the relatively soft Slaaneshi Daemons will hopefully give them a chance against some of the more dangerous close combat armies.

If the whole army is dedicated to Slaaneshi, which it is, any Daemon units will be able to advance and charge if they are within 6” of a Character at the start of the Charge phase. This makes an already quick force even quicker, and should mean that I will be able to get the units I want in combat in there that much sooner, and also against the right foes.



I have three HQ choices in my list, two in the main Battalion and another to head up the (vanguard) giving me that extra Command Point.

The Keeper of Secrets heads up my force, this swift Greater Daemon is a monster in combat, With a potential nine attacks with its claws at -2 rend and 3 damage, it should be able to chew through Primaris Marines, and cause major discomfort to Custodes. Alternatively against big beasties the Witstealer Sword should be making them at -2 to hit the Keeper in combat. As the KoS will be going first in combat, this is almost guaranteed to slow down an opponent’s combat monsters.

I have two Heralds of Slaanesh who will be running alongside the Daemonnettes to give them their really good buffs. With only 4 wounds, there will be able to hide in the midst of their lesser brethren while they put out the damage. The Herald gives a +1 strength buff to Slaaneshi units within 6” meaning that the chances of wounding with the massive amount of Daemonnette attacks will be increased greatly.

With the ability to also cast Smite or another of the Slaaneshi powers, these little guys are worth their weight in gold.


My troops choices are three units of 20 Daemonnettes. In Age of Sigmar I run these are two units of 30, but have a spare command group to allow me to run them in 20s. Having 20 gives the unit three attacks rather than the usual two, as long as they stay at this number once they’ve taken overwatch or a turn of shooting. Unlikely, but if this doesn’t work out then maybe I’ll take them in 30s instead.

Daemonnettes are quick with a seven inch move, and if near a character they'll be advancing and charging. The downside is that they are only strength three, but this can be upgraded if there is a Herald of Slaanesh within 6” to strength four. With a good deployment, these could be in combat in turn one!
Their speed also means that getting to those all important objectives will be easy for the Daemonnettes.


The only Elites choice I have in my list at the moment is the Fiends.

Like much of the Slaaneshi Daemons these are very quick , with a base move of 14”, hopefully a Character can keep pace with them, giving them a chance to run and charge, although with their high movement value they probably wont need one.

The Fiends provide a number of debuffs, firstly a negative modifier to psykers within 12” and secondly, the ability to stop any units leaving combat with them unless they can fly. I can see the Fiends hurtling towards an enemy unit that has good firepower and harassing them all game, stopping them from shooting until they can get rid of the Daemons. Space Marine Devastators, or an Imperial Guard Tank or two will be at a great disadvantage if these guys are hugging them.

In combat they're no slouches, with 4, strength 4 , -1 rend 2 damage attack giving them the chance to eat through pretty much anything. Especially if the enemy cant escape from combat.

Fast Attack

First up in my Fast Attack list is two Hellflayers. I’m not sure about these, as although with a move of 12 inches, they are super quick, I could swap them both out and replace them with a Daemon Prince with wings.

On the plus side for the Hellflayers, they will be putting out a lot of attacks each, 4 from the claws, 4 from the tongues and an additional D6  from the ‘lawnmower’. With a mixture of rend and damage, these guys should do pretty well, and with their large footprint, will be taking up a good portion of the battlefield.

My other Fast attack unit is ten Seekers. These Daemonnettes on beasties, move 14” so should have no issue getting in to combat in the first, if not second turn, helping to pin down any enemy and slowing down the advance of any enemy units. They only have 2 wounds and 5+ invulnerable save so wont be hanging around too long, but could be that little annoyance early on to let the rest of the force get in position.

Heavy Support

The last choice in my list is two Soul Grinders. With 14 wounds and a 3+ save, these guys are going to be tough to take down. And with a massive array of weapons, they should be the right tool for most matchups.

Both of its long shooting attacks have a decent range, 36 and 48 inches, both with multiple chots and multiple damage, they should be able to soften the enemy up ready for the early turn charges from the rest of the army.

In combat its strength 16 Iron Claw or Strength 8 Warpsword will chew through multi-wound enemies with ease, enemy tanks should be aware of these monsters, although their 4+ weapon skill will mean that they are likely to under perform most of the time.

Other Options

The Daemon Prince with wings is a an option to swap in instead of the Hellflayers and being an 8 wound character he can hide in plain site as he cannot be targeted unless he is the closest to the enemy.

Another psyker, he will bring some more Smite or one of the Slaanesh powers to the playground (I’ll be looking at the psychic powers and Stratagems tomorrow)

In combat his 4 attacks (5 with the Malefic Talons) will be hitting on 2s rerolling 1s. Combined with a decent rend and multiple wounds, the Daemon Prince should be doing some serious damage. His re roll 1s in combat aura will also greatly benefit the whole of the army around him who will be piling in en masse as soon as possible.


The Slaaneshi Daemons look to be a glass hammer force. Stupidly quick but with a low toughness and 5+ save (it is invulnerable so if you’re lucky you might hang about) means that they won’t be hanging around too long after the initial attack. With a good long ranged threat from the Soul Grinders and a good amount of multi-wound attacks, there will hopefully be a large amount of the enemy missing by the time they get to counter attack.

I’m hoping to get these guys on the battlefield pretty soon to see what they can do. I’m contemplating interrupting my pre GT Tyranid practice to use them, which means I must be excited to get them on the board.

Tomorrow I’ll be looking at the Slaanesh stratagems, warlord traits and relics.


*Triple Helix Wargames are not paying me to promote their website, but have been kind enough to send me some miniatures for sending you in their direction.
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