Warhammer 40,000: Daemons of Slaanesh part 2

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Welcome to day two of my look at Codex Chaos Daemons for Warhammer 40,000. Yesterday I looked at the available unit options for Slaanesh, and today I'll be looking at the Stratagems, Warlord Traits, Psychic Powers and Relics available to them.

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Daemonic Loci

The first upgrade available to pure Slaaneshi armies is their Deamonic Loci. This is made available to your characters, as long as the entire detachment is from one Chaos God.
For Slaanesh this is the Locus of Swiftness. At the start of the charge phase, this allows any units within 6" of a model with this rule to charge even if they have advanced in the previous movement phase. Alongside the really high movement value of all the Slaanesh Daemons, this means that the entire army has a chance of getting that first turn charge to really put your opponent on the back foot.


There are seven stratagems that are not god specific, my favourite being Daemonic Possession. For 1 Command Point you can increase the amount of mortal wounds an opponent psyker takes from Perils of the Warp to 2D3 rather the normal 1D3. This could kill a Space Marine Librarian, and make a serious dent in a rival Primarch.

There are three specific Slaaneshi stratagems, all of them costing only 1CP.

Locus of Grace allows a character and any Slaaneshi Daemon units within 6" to get an extra attack if their wound roll is a 6. With a unit of 20 Daemonnettes putting out 60 attacks with, on average, 40 hitting, you should see an extra half dozen attacks from one unit alone. A 6" radius is pretty big, so you should see at least two units and the corresponding character getting plenty of extra attacks.

Aura of Acquiescence is used on a Slaaneshi Daemon unit and debuffs enemy units within 3" with -1 attack. Not only will the Daemons be going first in combat, but any survivors of the attack will have less than their expected attacks. For an army that is quite squishy, this will help prolong their existence.

A Rapturous Standard can be given to any banner bearer in the army at the start of the game and bestows the ability to re-roll all misses in close combat once per game. At the the right point, this could turn the battle in your favour, especially if combined with the Locus of Grace and some of the psychic powers.

Warlord Traits

There are six Warlord Traits for each Chaos Power. I wont go through all six of the Slaaneshi ones, just the ones I am likely to use.

The Murderdance gives the Warlord, likely to be my Keeper of Secrets, an additional D3 wounds on the charge. As the KoS moves 12" and will be able to advance and charge, he shouldn't be the victim of a charge so will be able to use this when and where it wants. If using its Snapping claws the Keeper will have 6+D3+D3 attacks. 12 attacks hitting on 2s is going to be pretty scary.

Fatal Caress grants the Warlord the ability to cause a Mortal Wound in addition to normal damage if a wound roll is a 6+. With between 6 and 9 attacks, hopefully that means there will be at least one Mortal Wound for each combat fought.

Bewitching Aura causes enemy models within 6" to have -1 attack. On the Keeper of Secrets who already grants a -1 to hit and combining this with Aura of Acquiescence which grants another -1 attack, the Keeper of Secrets will give enemy with 3 or less starting attacks problems they weren't expecting.

Hellforged Artifacts

There are four Hellforged Artifacts for Slaanesh, again I wont go through them all, just the one that interests me the most.

The Mark of Excess adds another attack to the bearer, again on the Keeper of Secrets it will mean he could have 13 attacks! Not a lot of things are going to survive that kind of damage output. Although its unlikely to ever happen, the Greater Damon of Slaanesh could put out 39 wounds in one round of combat!

Psychic Powers

Three of the four Chaos Powers get their own list of psychic powers, and with three of the characters in my army having access to them, they could be an important factor in my battle plans.

Symphony of Pain grants a -1 to hit debuff on an enemy unit, helping to keep the brittle Daemons of Slaanesh alive a little longer. Add this to all the other buff and debuffs given out by the Keeper of Secrets and he'll be virtually impossible to take down.

Hysterical Frenzy allows a Slaaneshi Daemon unit to fight as if it were the fight phase. With Daemonnettes packing 40+ attacks this should help them take out target of a first turn charge.

Pavane of Slaanesh is great against massive enemy units, with every roll of a 6 causing a Mortal Wound. A great way of whittling them down before the combats begin.


On paper all the Slaaneshi abilities seem awesome, with plenty of debuffs to cause your enemy some issues ready for when the combat begins and the buffs stack up to help increase the casualties.
I'm looking forward to giving these guys a go on the battlefield, just hope I can remember to get the right modifiers on the right units at the right time.

Tomorrow its the turn of the Nurgle Daemons.



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One thought on “Warhammer 40,000: Daemons of Slaanesh part 2

  1. Celerity of Slaanesh is actually the Warlord Trait that looks the most appealing to me. I never turn down a chance for extra Movement. Savage Hedonist ain’t bad, either.

    The other Relic that tempts me is the SoulStealer. Not so appealing on a Keeper of Secrets, but on a Daemon Prince, it’s a pretty nice step up from the Hellforged Sword. I’d be more interested in the Slothful Claws if Heralds on Steeds and Chariots were still in the book. The Gem is just bad, tho. Way too low probability for a one-shot item.

    In Psychic Powers, I go for Delightful Agonies over the Pavane. Anything with enough Models that Pavane is likely to do something is probably weak enough that I don’t need Mortal Wounds to be wrecking it. Over the course of a Game, tho, Delightful Agonies can potentially do significant work in mitigating the fragility of the Slaanesh Units.

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