Warhammer 40,000 GT Heat 3 – Game Five

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Welcome to the final day of my look at my games at the Warhammer 40,000 GT heat 3. Over the last few days I’ve recounted great wins and losses against four great opponents. Today I’ll look at my final game which will decide if I am able to qualify for the finals.

Of all the different tournament builds I had heard bout, one was Guilliman's Razorback car park, which I faced in game three, and the other was Eldar Dark Reaper spam. There was no way I could face both in one weekend was there…. Of course there was!

My opponent for game five was Massimo, and his Eldar. These models looked really nice, but also contained a lot of Dark Reapers, Rangers and Swooping Hawks. Looked like I’d be finishing early, which at least meant I’d be home at a decent time.

The final game was Scorched Earth, and after placing objectives and rolling deployment type, it turned out there was only one objective that could be ‘burnt’ This was in

Massimo’s deployment zone, meaning that I’d be the one who would get a chance to get the extra VPs.

After re-rolling four times, the Eldar eventually got the first turn, and proceeded to shoot, shoot, shoot and shoot. Amazingly the damage caused wasn’t too bad, and I didn’t lose too many models. In my first turn I steamed forward on the right flank where there were three objectives to claim including the ‘burnable’ one. Again using a stratagem to double my advance move, the Genestealers managed to hit the Rangers and the Swooping Hawks, getting both units down to one model.

On the left, the Mawloc appeared and did very little, and the Hive Tyrant arrived and once again failed his charge. In the ensuing turns, the Eldar continued to shoot, but with the high toughness and selection of invulnerable saves, I managed to hold on turn after turn.

One of my Carnifexes and the last remaining Stealer managed to get to the far right objective and once the Eldar were removed, burnt it for 2 points. The scores were close, but the number of Tyranids were dropping turn by turn.

In the end I was wiped out in turn five, the scores still close but in the favour of Massimo’s Eldar. Another loss but a great fun game played in the right spirit, with plenty of jokes and laughs throughout.

My Broodlord got the best view of what my army was facing, from the top of the highest tower, where he had killed the last of the Rangers that were posted there.

So the games were over, and I had won two and lost three. All five games were great fun and all opponents were a pleasure to play against. There was only one rules discussion, but that was quickly sorted with a chat with the event organisers, and if this was the only issue over the whole weekend, then that’s a successful event in my books.

In the end I finished 58th out of 85 players, missing out of a place in the finals by 18 places. Not the end of the world, and I am very happy with two wins at my first competitive 40k event. Theoryhammering I realised that a win in my last game would have placed me 18th, so that shows how big a difference that 3rd win can make. I came away with two favourite game votes and three favourite army votes, so thank you to my opponents who not only enjoyed our games but also liked my army.


This was my first Warhammer 40,000 tournament and I had five great games. A couple I was never going to win from the outset, but this was more my fault with my army choice than the build of my opponents. Having no shooting made beating the Ravenwing’s flyers impossible giving them full run of the battlefield. Same with Guilliman’s Razoerback Carpark, this was always going to be difficult just running into a hail of bullets that never missed. The Dark Reaper spam wasn’t as bad as I’d read, and maybe it wasn’t a optimum build, but its definitely beatable with as more rounded force.

All of my opponents were really nice guys, all engaging on the battlefield and I’d play them all again if I had the chance. Even the people on the tables around me were fun to interact and have a laugh with before, during and after our games. Overall a great crowd of people.

I can only compare the painting standard with that of the Age of Sigmar events I’ve been to, and maybe I’ve been lucky with the AoS tournaments I’ve attended. Apart from the nominees for best painted and a handful of armies that weren’t nominated, the standard seemed a bit low. There were unpainted bases and armies that just about hit the three colours minimum rules. This was a shame, but maybe it’s not the norm and Heat 3 was just an anomaly. I definitely think that if I really put some effort in to an army for next year I could get  a nomination.

Yes that’s right, I’ll be looking to go to another Warhammer 40,000 heat next year, I was a little worried that I wouldn’t like the event and never play competitive 40k again, but the overall experience was great. If you haven’t done a GT heat, and are a bit wary, give it a go, if you are scared of facing the filth, maybe try a Throne of Skulls event instead.

Hope you liked my review of the Warhammer 40,000 GT Heat 3. I’ll be back in a few weeks.

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    1. They didn’t move twice, there’s a Kraken stratagem that allows you to double the score on the dice rolled for advance distance. Genestealers can also advance and charge.

  1. Thanks for the write ups dude, sounds like you had a great time, well done on the votes and thanks for reporting back about it all 🙂

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