Warhammer 40,000 GT Heat 3 – Game Four

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Its day three of my look at my games from the Warhammer 40,000 Grand Tournament heat 3. Over the last couple of days I’ve reported on my first three games; today it’s all about game four, and what a game it was.

Game four’s scenario was Ascension so was all about the Characters. I only have three characters, but they can be pretty resilient, especially with all my big beasties becoming a meat shield. The only problem was that my opponent Dom had quite a few more than me; namely Magnus the Red, three Daemon Princes, a Captain and Typhus, all backed up by loads of Poxwalkers, Brimstone Horrors and some Plague Marines. This was going to be hard work.

We deployed the objectives down the central line and set up our forces. For this game we would be playing length ways, so there would be plenty of moving around the table to get to our models. At least we’d keep fit.

I again won the roll to see who would go first and wasn’t sure which to take. If I went first I’d probably be in range to be shot / psychic'd off the board in the Chaos’s first turn, but if I went second I’d have to fight though buffed units. I took first turn, but Dom managed to Seize the Initiative, so my turn choice was made for me.

Dom went first and advanced as much as he could towards me. He had two of his Daemon Princes in the warp and they both landed behind my army, ready to take out some of my key pieces. Magnus jumped right in front of my lines, and then in the psychic phase jumped behind my army, stripping the Zoanthropes of their invulnerable save! This was not going to be pretty.

Magnus and one of the Daemon Princes successfully charged into my Zoanthropes and a Carnifex, leaving only two of the Zoanthropes alive. The second Daemon Prince failed his charge and sat all alone behind my battle line.

In my Turn my whole force went on the offensive. My Maleceptor turned round and hunted the Daemon Prince, whilst Genestealers, again using a stratagem to double their Advance move, moved 20” right in front of the Warlord Daemon Prince. My Broodlord charged some Brimstone Horrors, at the same time claiming the far objective. The Mawloc landed between a couple of units of Plague Marines and the Hive Tyrant found room behind the Chaos lines, charging and killing the Captain, consolidating in to two units of Plague Marines.

As the battle continued, Dom’s dice deserted him and mine came in to their own. The Tyranids started to dominate the far side of the battlefield, with the Broodlord ticking up victory points every turn. Magnus continued to cause havoc in my backfield, but as he was not on an objective it wasn’t too much of a loss, and as I kept feeding him units to kill, it meant he wasn’t racking up the VPs.

My Genestealers eventually took out his General, and with a buffed up unit of Poxwalkers in their face they looked in trouble. What felt like a million attacks later I had 7 saves of 5+ top make, and as the dice stopped rolling I had saved them all. Meanwhile Dom’s dice were showing nothing but ones and twos.

Typhus made it to the central objective and started to add VPs, but he was soon dead as a number of spore mines floated in his direction and exploded taking him out in a pool of biomass. My Tyranids and Prime made it on to the bottom objective, only to be wiped out by a very angry Magnus. I was still up on points but it was getting very close.

As the game moved towards its conclusion (we played six turns) it was getting a bit scary, and It looked like I was about to throw away another victory. I knew what Dom needed to do, he moved Magnus from one objective across to the centre of the board, with every intention of using the Warp Time psychic power to move again and charge the Broodlord. At this time the Broodlord had been on the objective since turn one and was going to add an unbeatable number of VPs to my total, so had to go. Knowing this I decided not to deny any other psychic power and when Dom rolled quite low to cast Warp Time I thought I had a chance, only to fluff the dispel attempt. Thus the Broodlord had gone.

My sixth turn and the scores were level, I had to just get one point, which I could get from the central objective. The heat of the moment got to me and I forgot to make sure I had anything close enough to get me that vital point. Luckily my Genestealers in combat with the Poxwalkers in the centre could consolidate in a way that they would get in range of the objective, and as long as they didn’t die, would get me that VP to get me in the lead.

It then came down to the roll to see if there was a seventh turn, which luckily for me, there wasn’t. I had scraped through and beaten the Chaos forces. Just. It was a great game that was back and forth all the way through. If Dom’s dice hadn’t deserted him, he’d have won by miles, similarly if I hadn’t had some great dice rolls too, it would have slipped from my grasp.

In the end there wasn’t a lot of Chaos left on the board, but the objectives had been played for and we had both had a crazy game of Warhammer 40,000.

So with one game to go I had two wind and two losses. Would I do better than I had hoped and get a third win? Come back tomorrow to see

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2 thoughts on “Warhammer 40,000 GT Heat 3 – Game Four

  1. Sounds like a great game. Having just written my own report for game 4 Im amazed at your resilience in the face of such tough opposition. I was facing more elites choices, Wraith Guard and a Wraith Knight but but I suppose that’s comparable to Magnus, his cronies and all the buffed units. I was completely outgunned though, it was almost embarrassing. If I hadn’t had wanted the game over as quickly as possible so I could find my lost camera and put my army in the cabinet I’d have been pretty depressed. Luckily I wasn’t and the catastrophic loss didn’t prevent me from enjoying the game, at least once I’d found my camera part way through 😉

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