Warhammer 40,000 GT Heat 3 – Game One

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Last week I attended the Warhammer 40,000 Grand Tournament Heat 3. And as you would have seen from my posts a couple of weeks ago, I took my Tyranids. If you want to know my list, take a look at the part 1 of my preview posts

Today I will be looking my first game of the weekend, with reports for the other four games and the final results, coming over the next three days.

I went to the GT with my friend Elliot, who took Orks including a Stompa, leaving Bristol at 7am Saturday morning. The drive up was surprisingly quiet and we arrived in Nottingham earlier than expected. Turns out we weren’t the only ones as we were joined in the Warhammer World car park by a handful of early birds, waiting for the doors to open.

Once in, we made our way to Bugman’s to register, collect out lanyard and scoring cards, and then settled down with a coffee whilst we waited for the doors to the events hall to open.

I had been talking on Twitter to Ceri from Warhammer TV about the chances of playing on the live Twitch stream, and after a quick hello just as she tucked in to her breakfast, found out that as long as my first round opponent wasn’t adverse to appearing live in front of millions of viewers (actually turned out to be a healthy 600ish) and had an army that would give a good game, we’d be on.

Once the doors to the hall were opened, I found out which table I was on and made my way to find my first game opponent, hoping that they didn’t have anything too crazy. Turned out Ash had Ravenwing, and at first glance it looked like a pure bike army, but little did I know, hidden in a box were three fliers! I told Ash there was a chance we could be on the TV if he was up for it. When Ceri came and found us, she invited us both on, and too my relief, with a little trepidation, Ash agreed.

I have played on Warhammer TV before so had some idea of how it would work, but there were some differences this time. Firstly I wouldn’t have to wear a headset to talk to the commentators, as this would be done by Andy who would sit next to the table and pass information to Ceri and Nick via text so they knew what was going on. Also we were asked to use Warhammer TV dice instead of our own, turns out these dice don’t do averages and only roll extremes of 6’s or 1’s If only we’d known!

So, after our brief intro and a good chat with Ash about what we had in our armies, it was time to get the game going. The first scenario was Resupply Drop so we got the objectives on to the board, rolled for deployment and set up our armies. A friendly handshake gave the commentators the signal that we were ready, and despite finishing setting up second I won the roll to go first, and Ash failed to seize the initiative.

The game can be viewed on Twitch so I won’t go in to all the details of what happened, just the key points. If you want to watch it back, you do need to subscribe which is $4.99 a month or free if you have an Amazon Prime.

I took first turn and boldly sent my Genestealers rushing across the board, doubling their advance with a sneaky stratagem to get me first blood, and hoped to blast Ash’s Black Knights with as much Smite as I could muster. As my Zoanthropes and Maleceptor were right in front of them I was hoping for a few deaths from the potential minimum of 2D3+3 mortal wounds. What I didn’t bargain for was to fail both these psychic tests, even using a re-roll command point. Not a good start.

In Ash’s turn all his guns came out to play, taking out my Tyranids left right and centre. It was not looking good for me, However, from watching back the stream, turns out that Ultramarine PR Nick, thought I was a shoe in for the win, even this early on.

In my second turn my Hive Tyrant turned up, and assisted in reducing the Black Knights down to 3 bikers, only for him to fail his charge, even with a re-roll, meaning that he then sat in the middle of the battlefield ready to take all the firepower to the face. The game was against me, and I knew I was in trouble. Luckily Ash was a great opponent to have banter with, as was reporter Andy who in between feeding Ceri and Nick inappropriate comments, joined in the laughs on the battlefield.

The firepower from the Dark Angels firepower just kept coming and my Tyranids just kept getting blown to smithereens. Time was running out but it was still good fun for the whole two and a half hours.

As the game came towards its end I only had one model left and with some gentle coercion, I got Ash to not shoot him but end the Tyranid Prime’s life in close combat, the way he wanted to go.

So the game was over and I had been wiped out at the end of turn five. Even though I lost, it was a great game to take part in and had some ups and downs, mainly caused by those Warhammer TV dice. Ash was a great opponent and from the results, it looks like he finished 20th with three wins. Many thinks to Ceri, Nick, Andy and Diarmuid for having me on the stream.

One game down and it was time for lunch. Time to recount those first game stories over pie and chips, followed by chocolate cake.

Tomorrow I’ll look at my games two and three, where I saw Ad Mech, Custodes and the Guilliman Razorback car park of doom.

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