Warhammer 40,000 GT Heat 3 – Game Two & Three

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Welcome to day two of my look back at the Warhammer 40,000 Grand Tournament Heat 3. Yesterday I recounted my first game of the tournament which was shown live on Warhammer TV, today I’ll be looking at my second and third games.

After lunch it was time for round two and I came face to face with Graham and his Adeptus Mechanicus force, with three Custode jetbikers, two forces I had yet to ever face on the battlefield.  The mission was Roving Patrol and so we spent the first five minutes of the battle dividing our forces in to thirds.

Graham got first turn, and with minimal movement didn’t really trouble my army. The central objective remained unclaimed, however we both held on to our own ones.

In my first turn I didn’t really move my main force, except for the sole unit of Tyranids making a move down my left flank. My Mawloc appeared in the top right of the battlefield and my Hive Tyrant landed near Belisarius Cawl. Although the Mawloc didn’t do a great deal, my Hive Tyrant manager to charge Belisarius and take a massive chunk of his wounds off. As I didn’t kill him I took this chance to use the a stratagem to allow my Hive Tyrant to fight again, and it was with this that I managed to get First Blood and Slay the Warlord, a good start.

Graham then brought the rest of his force on, bolstering his left flank. The firepower on show managed to kill the Mawloc and cause some serious damage to the Hive Tyrant, who managed to stay alive. It didn’t look as if I would be able to get anywhere near his objective, and with Grahams mobility not really an issue for me, he probably wouldn’t get to mine. It was going to be a fight over the central point of interest.

When it came to bring on my remaining forces, they all came on in the middle of my line, with the intention of rushing the middle objective at the last possible moment. As I had the second turn, I could counter anything Graham threw at the middle of the board, which in the end turned out to not be a lot.

The main threat to my army was the Custode Jetbikes, so I spent the remainder of the game Smite spamming them, slowly reducing them down until they were finally finished off. These guys are tough cookies and I can see why they are so popular.

As we went in to turn five, no one had committed to the central objective, but with time running out the Ad Mech had to make their move. As they attempted to steal the points from the Tyranids, I countered with virtually my whole force, over whelming the centre of the battlefield. We actually went to seven turns in the 150 minutes of gaming, but in the end it was a Tyranid Victory against what could have been a very tricky foe.

Game Three:

With one win and one loss under my belt, it was time for game three, and this time it was the infamous Ultramarines and their Guilliman Razorback Carpark of doom! It was inevitable that I would bump in to at least one of the strong builds, and this was the start of three very hard but close games.

I have to apologise at this point, as not only did I manage to not take a note of my opponents name, but I only took one picture of the whole game!

I knew from the outset this would be a very difficult game, and with no guns, I knew I would be charging into a hail of bullets, especially with Guilliman granting re rolls for hits and wounds for everything parked near it. The Ultramarines also had a Culexus Assassin which would severely hinder my psychics. Here's some highlights.

I managed to get a massive 25”+ charge in to the Stormraven managing to get it down to 3 wounds in one round of combat, so close but so far.

The Culexus assassin was eventually killed by exploding spore mines.

The Maleceptor did its special psychic overload attack causing 3 mortal wounds on a Space Marine captain, and almost taking out the Stormraven too.

In the end I got wiped out in a similar manner to my first game. The lack of guns was turning out to be more of an issue than I thought it may be. After the practice games I had played, this had not been as much of a problem, but I guess this is the difference between casual and cutthroat tournament play.

It was a fun game but was always an uphill struggle, so in the end I finished the day with one win and two losses. In the grand scheme of things, based on the armies I had played, and my horrible luck in game one, I was pretty pleased with how it had gone. Time for some food and a sleep, and back to it the next day.

Tomorrow I’ll look at my fourth game, and on Thursday its all about game five and the final results.

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