Warhammer 40,000 GT Tyranids: Troops

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Welcome to day two of my look at my expected Tyranid list that I’ll be taking to the Games Workshop Warhammer 40,000 GT Heat Three in February. Yesterday I looked at my HQ choices, today I’ll be looking at the Troops.

With each of my selections there will be a hyper link to Triple Helix Wargaming, where you can pick up the described miniature with a great 25% discount off RRP*

Tyranid Warriors:

My list contains three units of six Tyranid Warriors, all armed with Scything Talons and Lash Whips & Boneswords. These were built for 7th edition where they were able to instant death all of their enemies. Although not so powerful these days, they still have an AP of -2. Their greatest strength however is being able to still fight even if they are killed before it is their turn to attack.

As my whole force is close combat orientated, after my initial charge where I’ll be probably going first in the fights, I’ll still get the chance to attack with most of my Tyranids in my opponents turn even if they manage to kill any of my Warriors first.

With the Hive Fleet Kraken trait allowing my units to retreat from combat and still charge, any of my surviving Tyranid Warriors should be able to leave any remaining enemy fighters behind to be mopped up by my psykers, and move on to my opponents secondary defenses or move off to an undefended objective.

The bonus from a nearby Tyranid Prime will also allow them to add one to their hit rolls, hopefully giving them even more punch.


I have 16 Genestealers in one massive unit, and these guys do some serious damage. Well actually they allow me to roll a massive amount of dice, tipping the odds in my favour. All armed with (2 lots of??) Rending Claws and at full strength rolling 64 attack dice will provide me with plenty of 6’s to wound increasing the AP to -4 rather than -1.

Being from Hive Fleet Kraken, these guys will be rolling 3D6 and picking the highest when advancing. As they can then charge after doing this, they’ll hopefully be in combat quickly enough that their numbers won’t have dwindled too far, and I’ll still be needing extra-large hands in order to roll their attack dice.

One new rule that has come from the new Codex release is the introduction of Infestation Nodes, these nodes allow Genestealers to be placed in reserve and then appear from one of these points, somewhere in your deployment zone. This sounds good on paper, but if an enemy gets within 9” of a node it is removed, if you face any fast paced armies, you could lose the ability to appear before you get the chance.

I’ll make sure I paint up my nodes before the GT heat in February, but whether they’ll actually get used is another thing. Something to test in any practice games that I get to play.

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*Just so you know, i’m not getting paid to promote Triple Helix, but will hopefully receive some reinforcements for my Death Guard army for recommending them to you. You can see my previous review of their website HERE

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2 thoughts on “Warhammer 40,000 GT Tyranids: Troops

  1. I’ll be going to GT heat 3 [you keep mixing it up with 2] in February. Can’t decide yet if it’s Nids or Dark Angels. If it’s NIds it was a Brigade or two Battalions but the change to the Malanthrope points has me scratching my head to fit everything in now. I see the Genestealer are modelled with twin Rending Claws but the flexibility of Scything Talons against those with invul saves, are they in your list as I would take them…

    1. I must keep getting mixed up between 40k heat 3 and AoS Heat 2!
      My Genestealers all have Duel rending claws, and I have no intention of changing them, just prefer the more ‘traditional’ look of them. I do understand your point about scything talons but will have to live with what I have.
      I’m under no illusion that I’ll do very well at he GT, haven’t played 40k competitively for a very long time so don’t really have any idea what to expect. As long as I have fun I don’t mind.

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