Warhammer 40,000 GT Tyranids: Elites & Fast Attack

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Welcome to day four of my look at my expected Tyranid list that I’ll be taking to the Games Workshop Warhammer 40,000 GT Heat Three in February. Yesterday I looked at my Heavy Support choices, finally today I’ll be looking at Elites and Fast Attack

With each of my selections there will be a hyper link to Triple Helix Wargaming, where you can pick up the described miniature with a great 25% discount off RRP*


While using the Index rules I have been using my Zoanthropes in two units of four, consisting of 3 Zoanthropes and a Neurothrope.

Since the Neurothropes have gone to become HQ choices my Zoanthropes are now going to be used as one unit of six. I would use them as two units of three, but the bonuses for six are too good to be true. With a unit this size Smite goes from doing D3 Mortal wounds up to D3+3, and if I’m unlucky enough to lose a Zoanthrope I’ll still get 2D3 wounds. If I’m lucky enough and get an 11 to cast, there could be additional wounds.

I’ll let you know how a big unit perform when they finally hit the battlefield.

Spore Mines:

I built these guys for no particular reason during 7th edition as I had some of the models. Since the release of the Codex and the demotion of the Neurothrope, I have the points spare to get three units of three into my list. Combined with one of my HQ choices I can actually create a separate detachment and thus get that extra Command Point.

I haven’t used these guys in 8th edition yet, and have a theoretical plan for these when they do hit the battlefield. I’m hoping to hold them in reserve and drop behind my own lines to stop any sneaky deep strikers landing behind my frothing crazy bugs. If my enemy doesn’t have anything that might drop down and annoy me, I’ll have to think of some other way to use them. Maybe dropping them as a screen in front of my army or behind their advancing force as a distraction. We’ll see.

So that’s my army shown over the last four days. Here is my penciled in list, I’ll hopefully get some games in soon and be able to report back before February when I go to the GT

*Just so you know, I'm not getting paid to promote Triple Helix, but will hopefully receive some reinforcements for my Death Guard army for recommending them to you. You can see my previous review of their website HERE

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