Warhammer 40,000 GT Tyranids: Heavy Support

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Welcome to day three of my look at my expected Tyranid list that I’ll be taking to the Games Workshop Warhammer 40,000 GT Heat Three in February. Yesterday I looked at my Troops choices, today I’ll be looking at Heavy Support

With each of my selections there will be a hyper link to Triple Helix Wargaming, where you can pick up the described miniature with a great 25% discount off RRP*


I have three Carnifexes, all as one Heavy Support choice, in my Tyranid force. All three of them are identically armed with Monstrous scything talons and Crushing Claws.

The new codex introduces special rules for all of the variants of armours and heads that are on the kit; when building my Canifexes a few years ago I wanted to make them all different so used a mix of bits. The only upgrade I’m currently looking to use is Spore Cysts to give them the -1 to hit Even though they don’t all have this upgrade on the model, hopefully with them all being identical with armament and upgrades in game, it won’t make it confusing that they don’t necessarily have all the upgrades they may have on the model.

With this new upgrade to reduce the amount of hits these guys will be taking I can’t wait to see them charge head long into the enemy lines before unleashing swathes of Mortal Wounds and then ripping apart massive tanks.


In 7th edition the Mawloc was filth, never was there a game that it wouldn’t pop up and wipe out an entire Space Marine squad. In 8th edition it is not as crazy and its points reflect this.

I still enjoy using the Mawloc, having it pop up behind enemy lines and drawing fire away from the rest of my force. In the games I have played, the Mawloc hasn’t unleashed much damage but a huge monster in your battleline is quite disconcerting, and once you realise that it isn’t going hurt much, its too late and the Great Devourer has already started munching on your troops.


On paper the Toxicrene is amazing, all those Mortal wounds in the combat phase. Sadly in the few games that mine has graced the battlefield, it has attracted so much fire power that it hasn’t made it to combat. Again this isn’t a bad thing, as the rest of my army has made it into the fight. One day I’ll send it into combat against a large unit and manage to do what it was created for.


This miniature is magnetised to also become a Maleceptor but so far, this hasn’t made it to the battlefield.

*Just so you know, i’m not getting paid to promote Triple Helix, but will hopefully receive some reinforcements for my Death Guard army for recommending them to you. You can see my previous review of their website HERE

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