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There are loads of mobile phone apps and games these days, and it has never been a better time to be a mobile phone owner and lover of Warhammer. As talked about on the Latest Podcast Episode I have been playing quite a few recently and there's even more on their way.


I have previously reviewed Doomwheel on the blog a while back and told everyone how much I love it. It is a simple tap the screen to make your Skaven Doomwheel jump mechanic, where you must try and take out the enemy Orcs, Dwarfs and other enemies, whilst collecting currency to buy upgrades for your wheel and unlocking new zones to explore.

A definite purchase if you want something simple to keep you entertained on the way to work.

Mordheim - Warband Skirmish

Mordheim on the tabletop is one of Games Workshop's best games, and one that will surely return in one way or another in the future, especially with the success of the relaunched Blood Bowl and Necromunda. While you're waiting for this to arrive you can plan the full game on your PC, which is very good; you can also now play it on your mobile.

Much like the table top and pc versions, you cobble together a small (on the mobile its about 3-5 warriors) warband, and go off in search of Warpstone whilst beating off your enemies. On the mobile this is done in turn based combat where you can move, shoot and beat up your enemies within a 3d 'cartoony' graphic representation of this dark twisted city in the Warhammer World that was.

This game is great fun and you can play against the computer AI or real life people from around the world, a worth addition to your mobile gaming catalogue.

The Horus Heresy: Legions

This is the game I have been playing a lot recently, until Age of Sigmar: Champions came along, but thats in BEta under NDA so I can't talk about that yet.

Legions is a card game played on your mobile. You take control of one of the famous names from the Horus Heresy, be it Angron, Lucifer or Garro, and then construct your forces in the form of a deck of 30 cards. These cards could be tactical squad of Emperor's Children, or a supply Rhino or even a Bunker to hide in or a Melta Bomb to blow up that pesky Landraider.

Each turn you get an amount of resources you can use to deploy cards, which each have a value needed to play them, this will be between 0 and 10 resource points. Each turn the amount of resources, and therefore the power of cards you can deploy, goes up, to a maximum of 10.

These cares each have a health value, and a damage value, so when you use them to attack the enemy, they cause s certain amount of damage, but also receive damage in return. The key to this game is knowing when to send a until to attack and whether it matters if they die too, or whether you save them and hope they survive long enough to be given a deamon power, or be protected by some rank and file infantry.

This game can again be played against the AI or real people, and with each win you can obtain loot boxes with more cards to add to your decks. You can, of course, use real money to do this too, not that I have had to do that to date.

This is another hidden gem, and has been the go to game for me when I have had some spare time between painting or gaming sessions.

Warhammer Quest 2: The End Times

I must admit, I haven't played this yet, as I have only just downloaded it, but if it is as good as the first Warhammer Quest game that I played on the iPad, then it will be a surefire hit.

Much like the board game, you control a group of adventurers in the confines of a dungeon, hopeing to slay the beasts within and escape with their treasure. As this is set in the End Times, I'm sure lots of familiar faces will be looking to destroy your collection of brave warriors. I'll report back on this one when I've had a proper play.

Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Realm War

This game isn't out yet, but I have seen some footage and it looks awesome. In fact you can read a bit about it on the Warhammer Community website

I'm looking forward to when this is available as it looks really good, and the whole idea of controlling a warlord and unleashing different units and beasts at your enemy, sounds really good fun. It is made by the same people who made Freeblade, which is another mobile game you can get, but one that I have not played.

This is another game where you collect a deck of cards, giving you access to a whole range of characters and warriors. I expect winning games will unlock other cards and I don't doubt that you will also be able to pay for additional benefits. When it finally arrives, I'll see you on the battlefield.


Well there you go, a whole host of games to play on your mobile when you're on your way to, or in my case at, work. If you want to try and beat me at any of the above games, which should be too hard, give me ahout on Twitter and I'll send you my user name. See you on the battlefield


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