Warhammer TV Battle

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Last week on the blog I spoke about the army I would be taking on to Warhammer TV to face Wade Pryce’s World Eaters. Today I will be recounting the event itself and how much fun it was to play Warhammer on the TV.

After a morning of dog walking and double and triple checking I had packed enough spare pants for a weekend away (I was going to the Eavy Metal Masterclass, which I’ll talk about next week) I headed up to Games Workshop head office in Nottingham. The sat nav and previous experience told me this trip would only take two and a half hours from Bristol, so I left early enough to give me time to check in to my hotel and grab some food in Bugman’s Bar. What I hadn’t prepared for was the early rush hour of a Friday and the fun of the M1 motorway being pulled apart to make it smarter. Thankfully I still made it to my hotel with about 90 minutes available before I went live to the nation.

My hotel was only 15 minutes from Warhammer World, so with all my luggage, one backpack, chucked in my room I headed off to grab a drink before the game. My wife’s previously guest blogged about how good the food is in Bugman’s but with less time than I had hoped I made do with a coffee and a flapjack while watching the bar fill up with Games Workshop staff grabbing a pint after a hard day designing, concepting and painting the next big thing. Before I knew it, it was time to grab my army from the boot of my car and meeting up with Wade.

I have had a couple of previous games on Warhammer TV, my first was against Wade, and my second was during a Warhammer 40,000 GT, these were both in the Warhammer World gaming hall, but recently there have been some changes and now the games that aren’t part of a tournament are filmed in a separate ‘studio’ in another building.

Upon entering the room I was greeted by Ben Bailey (@TheOneBenBailey) , who would be working the cameras and John Bracken (@akrakenbracken) & Pink Rob (@Pigeoneater) who would be commentating. The table had been set up with some awesome terrain, even if it was decidedly Khorne like and we were ready to go. Well saying that, we hadn’t decided on a scenario, but a couple of ignored dice rolls later we decided on Resupply Drop.

Before setting up the objectives, deciding deployment zones and getting our armies on the table, Wade invited me to go on camera to do a little introduction piece, I have to admit this was something I was a little reluctant to do, but was soon talking to the millions* of viewers, however, writing this, I have no idea what I said and I have no inkling to watch myself back to find out!

We then cracked on with the game. I won’t go in to a turn by turn breakdown of everything that happened, just share some of my thoughts on a fun filled actioned packed few hours, if you’re a subscriber, you can watch the game back yourself on Warhammer TV’s twitch channel, and if you’re not, it’s only $4.99 a month or free if you have Amazon Prime.

Playing in an isolated room away from the hustle, bustle and noise of the gaming hall was so much better, the whole thing was so much more relaxed than having to play with a headset on. Being able to interact with Ben on the cameras and with Rob and John on commentary without having to pause the game to fiddle with a button to talk to them made life so much easier. From watching back, it also came over well on the TV.

Even though myself and Wade didn’t have microphones on you could still hear us cheer or groan when something good or bad happened in the game. This then fed through to the commenters who could immediately react and could quickly ask us what had happened if they had been too busy interacting with the audience when this game changing event transpired.

Having the five of us so much closer together also made the game in to more of a social experience, unlike in the gaming hall where the commenters would be quite a long way away from the players, we were all in a single room so all felt like part of the game, even though it was still a one on one affair. Being able to talk to everyone involved in the broadcast without having to shout over the voices of a loud hall made it a lot more interactive and relaxed.

Sadly time constraints, and the fact that there wasn’t much Khorne left on the battlefield meant that we only got three turns of your game in, seeing as there was rarely a shooting phase and minimal psychics, we may have got less action in with more traditional armies, which would have been a shame. Something to think about for the Warhammer TV team, and something we did briefly chat about afterwards off air.

After the game I was once again coaxed in front of the camera for a debrief, and then the day was over. I want to thank Wade, Rob, Ben and John for a great evening, and the cookie. I hope if you watched it, you enjoyed it too. Now I need to find a way of playing games at Warhammer World and on the TV more often, maybe there will be a position I can apply for and make it my day job!

With the long day over I headed to my hotel for some much needed sleep before attending the Eavy Metal Masterclass weekend, which I’ll talk about on the blog next week.

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