Warhammer World – A non gamers review

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Time for a change of schedule on the blog, with posts now coming your way every Wednesday. This week I hand the reins over to my Wife and her thoughts, as a non gamer, on a recent visit to Warhammer World.

It’s a castle in the middle of an industrial estate with a dwarven pub.
I was sold.
We were going to Warhammer HQ in Nottingham despite me having never played and having no interest in playing. 

My name is Jenny and I’m a Warhammer Widow.
Although that doesn’t feel quite accurate as my husband was neck deep in Warhammer before I came into his life.


I remember when we first met, I went back to his place and found the glass cabinet holding his painted figures. I was impressed.
Pretty soon I was committed. 
And because I’m a lovely, supportive wife, I was all for a visit to Warhammer HQ in Nottingham. 

We made it part of a weekend away which included a visit into Nottingham city centre and a trip to Wayne Manor surrounded by terrifyingly huge rutting stags.  

Warhammer HQ was definitely the highlight.  

We drove into the industrial estate and, I’ll admit, I didn’t think much of it. The building was quite small and it was just a square concrete block. 

‘Where’s the castle?’ I asked.
The five-year-old in me had been expecting an actual castle to walk into.  

The car park is small but we found somewhere to park and made our way inside where we were faced with some displays, the toilets and stairs upwards. 
Going up the stairs is when the fun started.
I put on my ‘I know all about Warhammer, really’ face and up we went.  

There is a castle up there. Sort of. They’ve decorated the walls of the main gaming area to look like a castle. It’s probably great fun if you’re actually playing a game, but to someone who hasn’t got a clue, it was a bit…well…meh.  

The shops, on the other hand (and yes, there are two), were brilliant. I stared judgingly at each model as my husband tried to decide what to buy and tried to make informed noises. Although I couldn’t help but coo over the dragons and funky, gory looking figures.  

I ended up buying a t-shirt I didn’t understand purely because it has a dragon claw and a skull on it.  

So far, so okay.
Then we went into what in any other office would be the cafeteria. Except this wasn’t any other office. This was Warhammer.  

Oh, the dwarven tavern is a thing of beauty.
There’s a big fireplace, paintings on the wall and the windows that look out onto the dull, grey car park and industrial estate are covered in imitation stained glass. 
The whole place is warm, cosy, inviting, friendly and, above all, fun. 

I ordered a coke, a tuna sandwich and curly fries.
To be honest, they had me at curly fries.
The husband had the soup and sandwich. And by sandwich, they meant SANDWICH.  

The value for money was superb and the food was amazing.
I got to sit back, pretend the big fire place was real, listen to the stories and people watch as I quietly sat in my husband’s world.
I didn’t want to leave, but apparently we couldn’t sit there all day. 

Going to Warhammer HQ when you’re not a player can be daunting but actually it’s so welcoming, that you forget all that after a while. And kudos to them for creating a restaurant that can keep everyone happy. 

We need more places like this and if we lived in Nottingham, I feel like we’d be visiting Warhammer HQ on a regular basis. I personally would go just for the curly fries.  

If you fancy sharing a trip to Warhammer HQ with your Warhammer-uninitiated loved ones, show them this post, tell them the menu and plan your trip. 

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4 thoughts on “Warhammer World – A non gamers review

  1. That’s great to hear that even non-gamers like the place! I went years and years ago, when I was kicking around Europe for a bit after doing a foreign exchange in university. Even back then, it was a cool place, and from everything I’ve seen and heard, it’s gotten even better since then. The setting is a bit weird, definitely a noticeable shift as you go inside from what you’d expect going into any of the other buildings in the area. I’d love to go back sometime when I had more time available, and be able to just kick back in Bugman’s for a while with a pint and a sandwich or something.

  2. Thanks for commenting WestRider! I really want to go back, just for a tuna sandwich and the curly fries!! It’s definitely worth a revisit, especially as it’s been so long since you were last there.
    Binx is going back in November and I’m a tiny bit jealous!

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