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Welcome to Astra Militarum week here on my blog, and more specifically my look at the Cadians. I've had a Cadian force for 15ish years, and with the release of the new codex a few weeks ago, this was my chance to get them out of their case, give them a bit of a dust and get them back in the front line in the war against Chaos.

Today I am going to look at some of the background relating to Cadia, found in Codex Astra Militarum.

Lets start with something common to all the new codices, the map of the galaxy. Now, when it comes to Cadia there is something missing from this map. Yes, Cadia itself, but we'll come to that in a bit. What is still present is the Cadian Gate, the first stop once you leave the Eye of Terror, on your destructive crusade across Imperial space. A few surviving Cadian regiments are still stationed in what was one of the most dangerous places in the galaxy, hoping to assist in holding back the tides of Chaos. If only thy knew what was going on behind them.

The codex then has a nice two page spread, with details all about the people of Cadia. Being so close to the threat of attack from Chaos, all Cadians are pretty much guaranteed to become part of the war effort, regardless of age and gender. By the age of five a typical Cadian will be able to strip and reassemble a Lasgun. By seven they are introduced to perils of psykers & mutations and by 16 are fully trained ready to enter the Whiteshields, the conscripts of the Cadian army.

So why is it hard to find Cadia on the map of the galaxy? Well being the first planet in the way of a Chaos raid from the Eye of Terror doesn't come without its issues, and when Abaddon the Despoiler led his 13th crusade (again?) Cadia was always going to face the brunt of this attack. Despite some strong defensive fighting, ultimately the battle was lost and when Abaddon's Black Stone Fortress crash landed on the planet, spilling forth uncountable numbers of daemons, the battle was over and Cadia was no longer a bastion of hope for the Imperium.

Despite their losses the Cadians fight on, with the survivors of the Chaos attack continuing to fight for the Emperor. Whilst there is at least one remaining Cadian alive, the matra of 'Cadia Stands' will continue to ring out across battlefields as the Shock Troops head in to war.

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