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Happy new year! Welcome to 2016, welcome to my blog, here is what I have planned and hope to achieve this year.


Lets begin with all the tournaments, conventions and shows I hope to attend this year.

After only coming in to existence in 2016, I have got into Guild Ball in a big way and having attended one tournament in 2015, finishing 5th out of 16 players, I have already secured places at three more events in the first half of the year, and hope to be able to attend even more.


In January I will be going to 'I Shoot better after a beer' in Taunton, in March I'll be at 'Dockside Destruction' in Bridgwater and in May 'Clash of the Guilds 2' in Bristol. Fingers crossed I'll be able to get tickets to the 'British Guild Ball Championship' being held at Firestorm Games in October.

Away from Guild Ball, I am hoping to be able to play some Age of Sigmar at the South Coast Grand Tournament, run by the guys from the Heelanhammer Podcast. Having played a couple of Warhammer Battle Brothers events at Games Workshop HQ, this will be my first 'singles' tournament and my first competitive games of Age of Sigmar, but with the high regard that previous SCGT's have been held, I am looking forward to this.

UK  Games Expo 2013

As well as some tournaments, I will hopefully be going to the UK Games Expo in June. I've been to the UKGE for the last few years and its been a great, if tiring and expensive, day out. Packed to the rafters with people, and wall to wall with games to buy, it's highly recommended.

Other events pencilled in, are Salute and Comicon in Birmingham, I'll be sure to post some reports from where ever I end up.


I really don't know what to expect from gaming in 2016, I have so many games available to play and what seems to be not enough time.

The obvious choices are Guild Ball and Age of Sigmar, which will need plenty of time in order to sharpen my skills pre tournament.
Warhammer 40,000 is a given, but it would also be nice to play more games of Malifaux, Saga, Black Ops, Deadzone and Dux Bellorum. As for new games, I don't really know of anything coming out that I'm looking forward to. That doesn't mean that there wont be any, but who knows this could be the year that I get everything painted...

Candy larger

Painting and Modelling

2015 was a good year for painting and modelling, I got a lot done, and considering amount of stuff I also bought, I still don't have a great deal left to tackle.
Here are the things I would like to look at this year

  • Paint my Dark Angels Deathwing
  • Finish my <access denied> army
  • Paint my Lord of the Rings models for Frostgrave
  • Rebase my Nurgle Daemons for AoS
  • Rebase my Lizardmen for AoS
  • Re-visit my Imperial Guard and treat myself to a Knight
  • Paint all the Guild Ball Mortician releases and associated Union players
  • Do a display base for my Morticians
  • Paint my Great Unclean One (Glotkin conversion)
  • Finish my Chariot, Cavalry and Dogs for Dux B
  • Add some bits to my Ten Thunders Malifaux
  • Make a start on a Nurgle Ogre army for AoS


I bought some Broken Toad paint brushes a month or so ago, and hope to use these top quality brushes to try and paint some 'showcase' figures. Now I am under no illusion that I could win any colour of Golden Demon award, but I would like to have a go at really investing time into some figures purely for show. I already have the limited edition Guild Ball Kraken model lined up for my first attempt, and I'm sure a few more figures will follow if I am happy with the result. Keep your eyes on the blog for updates.

Computer Games

I don't play a great deal of computer games, but there are a few I love to dabble in when its too dark to paint, or that coat of Agrx Earthshade is still drying


I love my Wii u and will spend 2016 racing on Mario Kart, building levels on Mario Maker, getting frustrated on Yoshi's Woolly World and rocking out on Guitar Hero.
I have also just started playing Mordheim on the pc and have had a couple of games on Blood Bowl 2, so will continue to dabble with these.
As for upcoming games, who knows, I don't really follow the business too closely, so something may surprise me.

Board Games

As with computer games, I really don't know what games are coming up in the future. Well that's a lie, I know that Firefly Fluxx and a Turtles game are in the pipeline, but that's it.
As for purchases, there has been a plethora of expansions that I want to get; including ones for Camel Up, Ticket to Ride, 5 Tribes and Takenoko.

I'm sure I'll spend too much at the UK Games Expo in June and have to find more shelf space.


Well that's more than enough babbling for one post, still plenty of things to looks forward to, and I'm sure there will be plenty of surprises and U turns during the year.

Have  a great 2016 and don't forget to follow me on Twitter and come back here soon for my first update of the year.


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