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A couple of weeks ago I posted a blog showing the construction of my Armies on Parade board. Since then I have been hard at work getting all the painting done, which has taken a lot longer than I had expected. At the time of writing this post (the day before you have been able to read it) the list of things left to do are as follows…

  1. Add meadow flowers to the board
  2. Add water effect to the pond area
  3. Touch up the outside of the frame
  4. Paint the skulls I added to the front of the frame
  5. Final touch ups and checks
  6. Do a dry run of the army on the board

So, as you can see I’ve got a fair amount to do before my army goes on parade at 10am on Saturday 13th October.

With that in mind, I haven’t had time to do a proper blog post, so today I will reminding you all of the many ways you can see or hear what I’ve been up to, as well as ways you can join me for a game.

As you’ve made it to this page, you obviously know how to find my blog. If you haven’t already have a look around as I have a whole range of Work in Progress posts, Tournament reports and other Hobby related chatter.

You can listen to me, and my co-host Elliot, on our monthly podcast, this has been going for 6 months and is now available on a host of different platforms

I am pretty active on social media and you can follow me on Twitter and Instagram , I am on Facebook, but mainly to lurk, watching the obsessive trolls torment the Games Workshop Community Team and occasionally post on groups such as Lord & Heroes, The Independent Characters and Bristol Age of Sigmar. These are all private groups, so you’ll have to ask their mods to see what goes on in them.

Games wise, I play a host of Games Workshop and other companies games weekly at my local club, you’ll have to drop me a line if you’re in the North Bristol part of the UK and fancy coming along; I also sometimes visit Bristol Independent Gaming for a AoS games at their monthly ‘last Tuesday of the month’ meet up.

You can give me a game online of Age of Sigmar Champions by adding me as a friend with this code #VXV-TRZ-GP

Finally if you like what you just read, you can now support the Podcast and Blog by leaving a tip on my Patreon Page

Check back next week when I’ll show off the stages of painting I went through to get my Armies on Parade board finished.

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