White Dwarf: A Review

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Hey folks, its been too long. What have I been up to? Not a lot, just painting some Team Yankee stuff on commission and some more Tyranids to give my force the punch they were missing in their last game. But that's not what I'm going to talk about today, this time its all about the new White Dwarf.

When the monthly White Dwarf changed to weekly, I stopped getting it. There just wasn't enough in there to grab my interest, and any of the pictures were online anyway, usually before the magazine was released. Now the monthly magazine is back, and along side all of Games Workshops improvements over the last year, this has a lot of content that the community wanted to see.

So, have the delivered? Just to warn you, this will be a text heavy post, with no pictures. If you want to see what the magazine looks like, go buy it, or not depending on if my review puts you off or not.

Lets Go...

  1. First up, its a beast, its big, chunky (148 pages) and comes with a free Slaughterpriest, thats an £18 figure (well thats the RRP, whether its worth that is another debate) on a £5.99 magazine.
  2. The first section is called 'Planet Warhammer' and contains all the new releases, from the last week or so, and those that are due out soon. There is also details of the newest computer games and novels.
  3. A couple of pages of readers letters, a snap shot of Eavy Metal and we move on to...
  4. A Tale of 4 Gamers. A return of a fan favourite, and although it was hotly anticipated, it isn't as good as it could be. Although the use of four Start Collecting sets is a genius idea, and perfect for advertising how great they are, there just isnt any detail in this piece. This was a perfect opportunity for each of the participants to go over why they chose the army they did, how long it took to build and some work in progress, but no, each gamer had less than a quarter of a page and therefore could hardly say anything.We'll see how this goes over the months, but a disappointing start.
  5. Nagash goes in to the hall of fame, with no pictures of the clown of old
  6. Next its Army of the month, including a pull out spread of this massive Eldar force. This section has loads of lovely pictures of this army, and contrary to the Tale of 4 Gamers, the text content is great, with Gavin going into detail about how it was collected and painted.
  7. Next is the biggest chunk of the magazine, and contains new rules for all the boxed games that are available. Silver Tower, Space Hulk, Deathwatch, Horus Heresy, Lost Patrol, Execution Force, Stormcloud Attack and Gorechosen. Loads of extra stuff to add to your games. An excellent edition to the games.
  8. A Stop over to see some Horus Heresy Golden Daemon painting next.
  9. Then some lovely artwork from the Deathwatch Codex
  10. Another blast from the past, as the appearance of a fully fledged Battle Report, with pictures, maps and arrows. Again with the return of the classic comes a bit of a disappointment.  Yes the players detailed what they chose, yes, each turn was described and yes the maps were there to show what was going on, but it felt a little lacking in detail again. It was also a shame that this game of Age of Sigmar featured two armies smashing into each other in the middle of the battlefield, the one thing that the naysayers use against the game. Much like the Tale of 4 Gamers, we'll see how next months report goes, when the game changes to 40k
  11. A load of fluff about Imperial Knights, more than likely just lifted from the Codex
  12. A nice two page spread looking at the White Dwarf from October 1996, this was a nice segment for reminiscing
  13. Another great article next, about the building of one of the new tables from Warhammer World, with a nice bit of detail and lovely photos
  14. Watch out its Blanchitsu!
  15. Some Kill Team goodness next, with a selection of the Kill Teams built to play in the new release of these slim lined rules
  16. A bit of converting advice in Sprues and Glue
  17. Followed by Paint Splatter, both of which don't really appeal to me, as they are aimed at a lower level of painter and modeller than my 20 years. But I'll keep an eye on them incase I see something I could use
  18. We're almost done, but first, some Designers notes on the making and writing of the Deathwatch Codex. Some good bits here, but again a little low on detail.
  19. And finally, its readers wives, i mean models. Some nice stuff, some not so nice stuff, but good to see some models from out in the wild.

So there you go, my 19 point guide to the newest White Dwarf, a welcome return to the White Dwarfs of old, and given a little time to grow, this could be bigger and better than ever, but at the moment, its not quite there. Maybe its me, maybe its not specifically aimed at the more veteran gamer, and maybe someone newer to the hobby will think this is the best thing ever.

Roll on next month, lets see what they have for us then and over the coming months.

Thanks for reading, I'll be back with pictures next time 🙂

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